Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding (Part 2.)

Saturday was the most uneventful day of our trip, although there was still plenty to do.

Taylor and I got together in the morning and perfected (meaning, practiced for the first time) the communion duet Chelsea had requested of us. Side note: Taylor is an amazing musician for the music makeover he gave that song. It was NOT an easy job, but he nailed it and made it look simple.

Steph and Jerad had errands to run with some family that lived in the area, and Chelsea had last minute wedding details to attend to, so Ty and I tagged along with Taylor and Dom and a friend of theirs for an afternoon of lunch and shopping before returning to the hotel to prepare for the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal was pretty low key, and it was all over and done with by early evening. We all said our good nights and Godspeeds, and turned in early.

And by 'early,' I meant 'went back to the hotel and picked up Steph and Jerad so we could go to a SECOND dinner and shop some more.'

Thats practically the same thing, right?

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Steph said...

you have to write about how jerad got drunk for the second time ever... at the innocent age of 26. and was as, charming as all get out.