Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Never A Bridesmaid, ALWAYS A Bride

I've been married for nearly 7 years now.

My best friend has been single... except for that one time... FOREVER.

But... oh, yes my friends... all that is finally about to change because...


I've known for about a week now that her life is approaching 'the beginning of the end...' ha... but just last night, it suddenly became REAL.

We've been friends since 4th grade. We've been alike before, back in the days of Christian pop music, ice cream socials, and high school sports teams... but in our more recent best friend history, we are WORLDS apart (sometimes quite literally!).

I got married the second we graduated...

her parents got divorced and she got edumicated while I went to child bride finishing school 101.

I sold insurance at a 8-5 desk job while she explored Europe.

I read 'What to Expect When Your Expecting" while she saved the world one impoverished village at a time.

But now?

Oh, now...

Our worlds just might be on a fast track to align once more.

Or at least kind of.

I lost hope for awhile... I thought for a time that perhaps her wildly independent spirit may very well make her a free bird for all eternity and she would be set to soar the seas and absorb culture and knowledge alone forever (Oh, TRAGEDY!).

Really at the end of the day I didn't and don't care, as long as I'm in her life and she is happy.

But... all sarcasm and daily domestic battles/bad habits aside...I am happy being married. To Tyson. Great Scott, Ive said it aloud. Don't tell him!

But I do want this for her... because it makes me happy... and I think its worth the best shot of anyone who is remotely interested and is fortunate enough to have someone they can call a companion.

I realize that being married and baking cookies and getting your household highs from recreational blogging isn't everybody's source of joy and fulfillment. And it isn't mine for the rest of my natural days either... I have some plans and dreams of my own still tucked away for 'some day.'

But, to this point... Its been good, and its made me happy.

And if anyone has earned the right to be happy... it is she. She who has persevered with grace and dignity in the face and the morning breath of the devil himself.

My best friend has met a man, fallen madly in love, and is getting married.


I can not wait to see her in white.

I love you, my little Sonshine!!




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Tyson better watch out!!! Hottie!!! Lynn