Friday, May 16, 2008

Mmmmmmm, Breakfast.

So, Ive gotten pretty health-conscious recently as you probably know...

Ive lost about 50lbs total, and would like to loose maybe like 20 more. I've pretty much slowed down/stopped watching the weight fall off, but I just feel so good and healthy that I'm generally OK with that. Now its more about continuing a lifestyle that will help me... um... not be a beast again. Or at least not O-beast. HA!


That said... I still like to eat. A LOT. But I'm trying to make everything I eat... good. I'm not a picky eater... I like soy. I like bird food. I like organic. But I like the bad stuff, too.

The good news is, there are a lot of better alternatives now... like... have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. For instance. If I have a chocolate craving... I eat this:

(Not the 24 pack, tho... just one)

With some of this on top:

And maybe top it off with some fresh strawberries or blueberries or whatever.

Extremely satisfying... totally hits the spot. I would say it if it weren't true, I don't b.s. about dessert, people. Its a very VERY important part of the circle of life.


I know people probably aren't really interested about the daily details of all my diet tricks of late... but this morning I had an AMAZING breakfast, I thought I'd share the dirty details on.

(I know, I see you on the edge of your seat!)...

I mixed up some Bisquick... you can also make home made waffle batter, but I was feeding the masses, so in a hurry as usual. Then, I added a good half cup or so of wheat germ
and I used half soy milk and half regular milk that was called for. I know, that's kind of boring, but it added a couple extra nutritional elements. But then...

OH, and THEN... (This is where it gets good)...

I diced up some fresh strawberries (I will be sad when THOSE little beauties go out of season) and tossed them in a dash of Splenda, threw it on my soy germy waffle creation, topped the whole shebang with a hearty scoop of my Cool Whip cancer cream... and


This is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure breakfasts. But I didn't feel as guilty this morning! I think I'm in love. TOTALLY kicks Kashi Go Lean in the shins and runs away laughing.

Go try it!


Steph said...

Cool Whip

A delicious blend of sugar, wax, and condom lube.

It's the main ingredient. But like any whipped product, Cool Whip contains a high percentage of air. At 41 cents per ounce, you're buying mostly water and air for just over twice what it would cost to whip real cream yourself.

Natural and Artificial Flavorings
Cool Whip doesn't really taste like much, but Kraft's recipe for blandness is a trade secret. That means the company doesn't have to disclose the specific flavorings.

Corn Syrup and High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Sugar by other names. Corn syrup is mostly glucose. High-fructose corn syrup is corn syrup treated with amylase and other enzymes, which together help convert glucose into fructose. A diet high in fructose is known to make lab mice fatter than other diets, so keep your research animals away from Cool Whip.

Hydrogenated Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil
Cool Whip needs to feel like whipped cream in the mouth without actually being, you know, made with cream. One cheap, reliable way to replicate the texture is by using semi- solidified plant oils. The best method of solidifying plant oils: Bubble high- pressure hydrogen through them. Of course, if not done completely, the result is trans fat. These days, Kraft avoids that.

Polysorbate 60
Polysorbates are made by polymerizing ethylene oxide (a precursor to antifreeze) with a sugar alcohol derivative. The result can be a detergent, an emulsifier, or, in the case of polysorbate 60, a major ingredient in some sexual lubricants.

Sodium Caseinate
Also common in powdered non-dairy creamer, this protein derived from cow milk helps oil and water mix.

Sorbitan Monostearate
Chemists call this stuff synthetic wax, and it's sometimes used as a hemorrhoid cream. It's one of the magical substances that keep Cool Whip from turning to liquid over time in the fridge.

Xanthan and Guar Gums
These are natural thickeners, and together they provide more viscosity than either does alone. Guar also helps retard the formation of ice crystals, another key to preserving fluffiness.

all I'm sayin is go for the rest stuff and do a few extra sit ups.... ewe. you eat condom lube for breakfast

Beth McDermott said...

Um... last time I checked nobody ever died from a little condom lube?... at least im still here,
and can i just say... cool whip is by far my all time favorite condom flavor. (did i just say that out loud????!?!?!?)
the high fructose is the sketch part to me... but i think a little teensy bit in moderation is probably ok... especially if its going to help me get into my summer bathing suit faster than one tablespoon of regular whipped cream... with a whopping 6g of fat and 60 calories for half the serving size!!!!!

Monica said...

hahaha omg..thank goodness I don't like cool whip or whipped cream for that matter....

I made chicken cordon bleu for dinner with soy flour...its the easiest yummiest thing ever to make. Its so good that it feels like you are cheating.

Steph said...

haha if they did make cool whip flavored condoms, maybe there would be less unplanned pregnancies I'll give you that one haha