Monday, March 28, 2011

My Front Porch Lookin In

What a (lazy) weekend!

It was kind of awesome.

Its been raining and raining and raining.... rain makes me feel fat and lazy and like the world may never see the hope of sunshine or Spring ever again. I know, drama queen. But its what the voices tell me when it rains for six.days.straight. and the babies run circles around me and tie me up and cast evil spells on me. And that's exactly what they do... promise!

Saturday we spent a rainy morning in SLO as a family just wandering the streets and window shopping. We splurged and ate lunch at Firstones (SO.DELICIOUS) and took the kids to the candy store. It was a nice treat and a great family day. When we got home, Ty went to work, and I sat on the couch in my sweats with my kids and watched TV. Ahh the beauty.

Sunday I drug my poor kids out of bed "in the middle of the night!" (according to my dramatic daughter... NO idea where she gets that...) ;) and we headed up to Lopez Lake to watch these little miracle moms kick some serious triathlon tail.

Ya, they rule pretty hard. They've been training like rabid dogs for months now, and although I was 'invited,' I talked myself out of it this time around. I want my maiden Tri voyage to be 'fun,' and learning to swim in the rain and dark even with the luxury of a heated pool was not my definition of a good time. Bethany and Kari are seasoned swimmers and gifted athletes that never cease to encourage and inspire, and I am now (finally) SO excited to learn to swim (or at least not look like a drowning cat...) I can hardly stand it.

But... for this race... being the cheer squad was a perfect fit...

My kids loved being there. I loved having an excuse to wear a tutu in public. Dawson asked me if he could do a triathlon last night. He was SO pumped he actually had himself convinced that he could swim in that lake no problem! He was almost in tears when I told him he needs to give it the summer and practice a little more before I just throw him off the pier... tempting as it may seem to do it at any given moment... ;)

When we got home Sunday, my Dad paid us a visit to make good on his Birthday present promise to me...


New screen door. We installed a whole house fan last summer to save energy and cut our power bill down. The fan sucks in the cool air from outside and blows the hot hair out thru the attic. In order to make it work effectively, we need to open doors and windows while we run it at the end of the day and early in the summer mornings. Having a screen door is a key element of this process, plus I LOVE that now I can open my front door and hear all the kids playing in the street in the afternoon. Such a simple joy... but I'm sure my poor Dad wouldn't be so fast to call it 'simple.' He wisely reminds me on a regular basis in all my wild ambitions..."there's no such thing as an easy project!" And when you are as meticulous and thoughtful of a craftsmen as he is, that's the absolute truth.

Anyways, THANKS DAD! I adore the door. And you. xo

And... I'm not the only one...

My kids LOVE having Grandpa around.

Playing in the back of his truck is a close second to Disneyland in the world of curious kids...

Yep. That would be a saw blade 2 inches from their feet. Good thing we have insurance.

Anyways- SUNSHINE is in the forecast for all this week. I may put a hit out on our local weatherman if he lied this time... (this message will self destruct....)

Have a great week, everyone!


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Hammie Fam said...

I love having you as my number one cheerleader! Thanks for coming out, making signs and helping wrangle the cats! I can't wait for you to do SLO with me!!!! Love you!