Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Winning Bunch

So Dawson is really, really into 'running' since the Turkey Trot last Fall.

We got a flier back then for the Hares N Hounds race in March that benefits our local high school booster club.

Dawson never forgets anything. He has been begging to train for it ever since.

And... the crazy part is... he actually follows thru with it!

Anabelle humors him too... being the little sister that doesn't want to be left out and all... we've been doing some 'drills' in our living room...

And last week we even met up with our Hammies for a few laps around the park in some beautiful Spring Sunshine!

I figured they would poop out after a lap or two. They lasted a long time! A little friendly competition between the big kids (Kailee and Dawson) and the little sisters kept it alive for quite some time... Dawson kept shouting "Im the hare, youre the tortise!" over his shoulder. The grown ups had a good chuckle and Kari asked him if he was familiar with the story. Dawson goes... "YA! The hare is so fast he stops to take a nap... then he looses!" Haha. Alright. As long as he knows what hes putting his name on...

We sat on a blanket and watched as they took lap after lap around the dirt trail... they worked hard!

...OK, maybe some a little harder than others. But still! These kids meant it! And still had tons of energy left over to climb apple trees and wander around as far as we would allow.

On Saturday it was finally race day.

The kids were SO PUMPED, they even got numbers to wear this time.

I had some butterflies for them... it felt strange to be spectating!

We made them a sign, and Kari and I stood nervously at the finish line with several other friends and acquaintances from our little town and watched as tons of our little friends and neighbors took off as fast as their 4inch long legs would carry them.

...Kailee's legs are much longer. They are at least 6 inches long. ;)

I am SO impressed with this herd.

Kailee ran the mile in under 8 and a half minutes!

That is about what I run on a good day!

Dawson was just about a 10 minute mile

(which was about my average pace a year ago)...

I'm sure he would have taken the title for the whole entire race (haha) if the sweetest little boy God ever handmade hadn't stopped to PICK HIS MOMMY SOME FLOWERS to hand me at the finish line.

(Yep, I definitely cried).

Addie and Anabelle weren't far behind...

They stayed together, naturally. Addie even slowed her naturally athletic stride to encourage an older friend from the hood to keep it up after the girl got a side cramp. Such sportsmanship!

Tyson (father of the year, according to ME), showed up in his Greyhound orange and ran the race with the kids to get all these snazzy pics (and make sure no slow and undeserving kids passed 'em up! Haha).

At the finish line, they were handing out participant medals.

Addie and Anabelle were beyond perturbed to discover they had run out of them by the time they crossed. Look at their annoyed little sour faces! I don't blame them.

Addie had to run out her aggression... by running the half mile race that took place following the race she had just participated in.

That girl is hardcore! And I am delighted that my daughter has a bff that tough to have her back thru the perils of childhood. ;) They are a fantastic pair.

Rumor mill has it that they will be sending medals in the mail to those that didn't get them at the finish line. Hope its true... or Anabelle may develop an extreme hostility toward the United States Postal Service. Maybe I shouldn't put that in writing... ;)

All that to say... these kids are extraordinary.

I remember in Jr. High, when our PE teacher used to make us run the mile. It was scary, and hard, and I hated doing it ( I wasn't the only one!).

I think at this rate, these particular kids may just finish that assignment before the coach has time to blow the start whistle, and ask for extra credit for miles 2-5. I hope it makes them aware of the fact that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made machines, built to meet goals and overcome challenges. This is a great way to push yourself mentally and physically, and build lasting relationships along the way. I am thrilled something that means a lot to me on a personal level has sparked an interest to them, and I hope they push themselves to the best they are capable of for as long as they can~

Oh, and maybe remember stop and pick some flowers every now and then... just in case they happen to find someone they love (me, ME!) waiting at the finish line.

These kids are winners.


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Hammie Fam said...

Yeah!!! Love our brood. They rock. And Addie has asked every day if she can go check the mail for her medal.