Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Their Mother

This morning I woke up early and set out for a nice long run with a dear friend.
When I got home, Ty and the kids had made a delicious breakfast burrito feast with all the trimmings, and built a shrine of flowers, cards, and home made gifts in my honor.
One of the sweet joys of the kids getting older is seeing certain traits pop out that remind you of yourself or your spouse. Dawson LOVES presents SO much he is always working on the sweetest surprises for me... and half the time, I get them a little early because he likes to spoil me and neither of us can stand to wait! I love that kid.

He made this beautiful little card for me at school...
Sorry, I dont know why it won't rotate, but anyways, I just about cried it was such a sweet little creation. It says:
My mother is very special.
She has sparkling eye shadow,
and curly hair,
and a lovely smile.
She likes to go to the gym
and likes to run
and go to Von(e)s.
She makes the best fish sticks.
She helps me make mud pies
and bug pies
and hot cocoa
I like when we bake cakes
and go to Round Table.
I love my special mom.
I have to say, lately I'm exhausted. The kids have joined activities in the evenings during the week, and theres just a lot going on in general. Sometimes I just feel like there isn't enough of me to go around, and I'm not doing a good job of meeting everyone's needs. I've had to give up some little things, like blogging regularly, in attempt to make sure everyone gets lunches, and clean underwear, and homework turned in.
But I have these 2 great kids, who keep me laughing on a daily basis, and are growing into kind and generous little people that I am so very proud of.
These pics are from Easter Sunday- which was supposed to be its own post, but, you know... theres that darn time issue again, and how there isn't ever any of it.

I guess what I'm saying is... I am enjoying having my cake and trying to shovel bites of it into my face as fast as I can between activities, too... but whether I am just cramming it all in as fast as I can or I actually find a moment to sit and savor each bite (which is the exception rather than the rule these days...) cake is good no matter how you can get it. And so are these kids. And so is my husband who sent me shopping yesterday so he could keep the munchkins home and make home made pencil flower crafts so they could show their love for me on Mother's day.
I love being the mother of this family. I am so proud, and so thankful to them for giving me the honor.

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