Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Close Call

So, don't be alarmed, but I have some disturbing news.

Yesterday, seemingly out nowhere, our house suddenly and mysteriously burst into flames! Well, OK, technically it was our playhouse...

...the flames were so intense they were almost impossible to see... ;)

It was really touch and go for awhile, and a pretty close call over all, but FORTUNATELY, we all got out in time, and its looking like the structure may be salvageable.

The smoke inhalation alone was nearly unbearable, but thanks to the heroic bravery and quick thinking of 2 of the most adorable firefighters I have ever laid eyes on, nobody was seriously injured.

How did they do it, you may ask?

When the measures of mere garden hoses alone weren't enough to vanquish the flames, Captain Dawson keenly recalled an age-old trick that's said to save lives every time... PULL THE ALARM!

...but alas, there was no alarm to be pulled. So... he drew one! And the flames magically went out! And I am proud to announce, we all learned a valuable lesson on fire safety and being prepared~ our playhouse is now officially up to code. Or at least it was until today's rain, when the chalk washed off. ;)

Thankfully, my garden was not harmed in the tumultuous process of the fight. Which I am eternally grateful for, since I have already replaced my tomato plants- twice- due to the later frosts this season (or my over-eager welcoming of Spring, your call).

My Mom picked me up a couple bigger sized plants from Cal Poly's annual tomato plant sale (which is a brilliant resource, so I'm told). If these new guys die off... I might just give up and start eating chemical produce for the rest of eternity in a rage of protest against Mother Nature.

In addition to 2 varietys of organic heirloom tomatos, we have strawberries (already producing), blackberries, sweet peas (already producing), onions, parsley, basil, and chives so far.

I'm also really excited about our artichokes! The plant was teeny when I bought it a couple seasons ago, I had almost given up on it as it seemed to be unhappy and/or slow growing for ages. But then, all of a sudden! there were these little beauty's just happy as can be and all but begging to be picked and eaten at once! Dawson is obsessed with artichokes, and the plant was his idea to begin with, so he got the honor of the first harvest. He said it was delish, and we are all looking forward to trying them out for ourselves shortly!

And last but not least... in other "organic and home farming news" (Haha, do I sound like I know what I'm doing now or what?! Fooled ya!)... my parents are taking another brave attempt at Operation Organic Eggs. They had a coop a year or 2 ago, and we all really enjoyed watching the chicks grow into laying hens. The parts they (my parents) did NOT enjoy were the initial workload of keeping the hatch-lings warm/fed/watered/nurtured, waiting around for the girls to get old enough to be busy little egg layers... and the part where the night predators quickly figured out how to break into the hen house and decapitate all the little cluckers in a bloody massacre while the rest of the world slept peacefully. JUST as I was getting used to ingesting brown eggs with fluorescent orange yolks, too! Darn you, varmints!

So my handy dad built a super-coop. I wish I had pictures, no words do it justice. Maybe in another blog, tho no promises with my flaky blogging tendencies these days.

And mom found a lady who cut a deal on a batch of half grown chicks and threw in a couple full grown layers, too. So we're back in business!

All this to say- my daughter looks SO cute holding those Lil peepers.

Dawson hasn't seen them yet.

If the weather ever starts co-operating, its shaping up to be a fun summer down home on the range.

Stay tuned! Carly is married! I signed up and paid for my first triathlon! 10 year class reunion plans in the mix! Anniversary trips! Weddings! Babies! OH MY!

There is so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to ahead.


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