Saturday, October 9, 2010

Local Paradise

Tyson and I really wanted to do something fun together this year for our anniversary (as we usually do), but were bored with the idea of dinner and a movie. Not that we'd complain, getting out in ANY form is always great... but since we planned a little ahead, we actually put our heads together and came up with a plan for what turned out to be one of the best days.

We utilized our amazing grandparent resources once again and managed to send the kidlets on their merry ways on Thursday night. We've discovered a method we like to call "dividing the risk..." where we send one to each grandma, under the premise of 'special time.' Not that they ever need an extra nudge away from us anyways, but it really does make them feel cool to get to be the center of their grandparent's universe(s) individually once in awhile.

We went to a nice dinner (thanks, Mom!) in Cayucos that evening, and I accidentally ordered duck liver and then managed to accidentally eat it thinking it was a portobello mushroom. The best part is... I actually got TYSON to eat it too! He doesn't eat mushrooms to begin with, so it was appalling to him before he even knew what it actually was! I just couldn't believe how much it tasted like meat (thinking it was the mushroom), so I talked him into trying it, and he described it as "smoky and cheesy." When we found out what it was, it was HILARIOUS and yes... we wanted to barf. In the most sophisticated way possible, of course.

The next morning despite the overwhelming temptation to sleep in in a quiet kidless house, we got up EARLY in order to tee off before 7:30am for the early bird golf special. It was my first time golfing. Tyson is nice, and took this picture of me looking super focused and skilled.

...but because I believe in honest, fair, and impartial journalism... this is what he was actually doing MOST of the time...

(That would be chasing my ball off in the wilderness).

I think we still managed to have a good time. I would do it again, although I have a LOT of room to improve. And... I'm glad it was only 9 holes. Just sayin.

The next item on the agenda involved a highly refined lunch at the Costco food court. Tyson had been craving a hot dog... can't beat $1.50 lunch! We browsed inside after with no shopping cart and no kids, and didn't buy ANYTHING because we wanted EVERYTHING... as it usually goes at that little wondrous retail jewel.

After that, we had a very important appointment with... absolutely nothing at all. We brought our blanket and chairs down to the beach... and just sat. I'm not very good at just sitting. There is ALWAYS something I should be doing, or somewhere to be. But for over an hour... we just sat on the sand and soaked in the sun in our bathing suits and listened to the crashing waves and all the other parent's with screaming kids. It was brilliant.

And then... just when we thought we couldn't possibly be ANY more relaxed... we packed up and headed to our final activity of the day.

Sycamore mineral springs, you are my new favorite daydream!

We've both lived here and loved each other most our lives, and somehow I'm realizing there is so much we haven't done together right in our own backyard! We rounded out our hot tub soak with a couples massage... a first for Tyson that he was previously uninterested in... but I managed to persuade him since I was willing to try on the golf course.

I don't think I'll have to convince him at ALL next time we get that opportunity. ;)

We headed back toward SLO early evening, and after a quick dinner at Firestone, Ty met up with a couple friends and hit the Jimmy Eat World concert while I headed to pick up the little ones.

Its amazing how a day and a half away can do amazing things for Mom morale. Especially when you're in the good company of the man you married.

Love you, Ty. Thanks again for the BEST day.


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