Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sister Suprise

We had the BEST last minute company in town recently.

With a few days off work stacked on top of each other, a free ride here, and a cheap ticket home, Auntie Carly dropped everything to come home to visit us for a long weekend!

We all adore our Carly, but my kids really really "Mommy when are we going back to Washington and will she come see us at Christmas and for my birthday" miss her. They didnt know she was coming since it was so last minute and I knew they would be crushed if it didn't happen. But it was SO fun to see them excited to see her, and great to have her around in the midst of our weekend.

Poor Carly drove alllll night, and we wisked her right off to the Avila Valley Barn the MINUTE she set foot in the house! It was our lovely friend Andy's 2nd birthday party... and who doesn't adore any excuse to pay a visit to the barn?

On Sunday, Carly took Dawson on a special date to church with her. He felt SO important and of course looked handsome as always in the company of his gorgeous auntie. Quite a pair, these two.

Carly, that weekend went WAY fast. Come back soon now, ya hear?!

We've got some pumpkin raviolis to make!

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