Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little Pumpkins, Big Pumpkins

I'm really trying hard these days to relish the moments that pass with my babies...

who currently adore nothing more than reminding me constantly OUT LOUD! of all the ways they are, in fact, no longer babies.

I can still hear my mom and dad laughing and joking around as my very own 6 year old self frantically tried to choose just the right pumpkin in an overwhelming patch of opportunity... "you can have the biggest one you can carry back to the car all by yourself!!!" they would say.

This year, they tagged along to the patch once again. As the grandparents.

Evidently that whole "biggest pumpkin I can carry" crap doesn't apply any longer (!?!?!?!?). But you know what? I happened to be wearing my big girl panties that day.... and didn't even throw a tantrum. They rewarded my good behavior by purchasing my kids the biggest pumpkins they could carry each.


So ya. I'm trying hard to drink in every cup of cocoa these cold Fall mornings.

Every first candy-apple making experience.

I'm trying hard to just run with the idea when my daughter decides she wants to be a "skeleton mermaid," and my son can't decide if he wants me to hand make his skeleton costume, or just "buy-this-one-RIGHT-NOWWWW!"

At the end of the road, I want to remember every Taylor Swift/ Kelly Clarkson dance party in the living room, and the look in my daughter's eyes when she learns ~from her mother of all places!!~ that a hairbrush can double as a super awesome lip-syncing microphone!

I want to remember how my little boy utterly despises the feel of pumpkin slime, but he forces himself to be a little more convincingly brave each year for the sake of the carving cause (and the excuse to use all the awesome sharp toys the task involves!).

I want to remember Anabelle's disgusting Lady Gaga fetish (try not to judge me), and her hysterical giggles as she proudly belts out "He ate my heart!!!...he ate-ate-ate my heart...." at the dinner table... as we are eating artichoke hearts.

I want to remember each of these days like they happened only moments ago, even decades from now...

Each of these beautiful,



...and really, just plain old lovely moments that are whipping by faster than a kid on a sugar binge.

Tonight at Target, Dawson was rather impressed with the pair of black stilettos he spotted, and thought I should most definitely have them.

"But MOM!" he said... "EVERY witch needs a pair of black heel shoes!"

..."But Dawson!" I whined back... "I'm not dressing up as a witch tomorrow night, remember? I'm going to be a flapper!"

(evil grin spreads across dirt-smudged and snot crusted face...)

..."I know you're not dressing up as a witch, mom...."

I just cant believe how big my little pumpkins are. And how funny they are. And smart. And perfect in all their imperfect ways.

What a big responsibility this parenting gig is! And what a complete joy.

Alright. This witch is tired. Better get some shut-eye... I've got a hot date to make over a skeleton/mermaid tomorrow in hair and makeup!



Beatrice Blount said...

Loved it!

selloutpopstar said...

i loved it too. thanks for keeping track of ll the fun memories and sharing them with everyone. i love you.... please don' my heart.