Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Like 2 Bike

A couple weekends ago, we done busted Kyle out of the dark dungeon of military boot camp hell for a weekend of fun and relaxing family time.

Evidently it gets so bad there at times.... he was delirious enough to agree to a 50 mile bike ride thru the middle of forsaken nowhere during his brief moment of 'relaxation' while he was home!


I'm kidding about Grizzly being bad. I mean, I'm sure he's not always thrilled to get up before some of us go to bed and sweat and take cold showers... but over all, it was cool to see him and hear first hand about all the awesome stuff they are being 'tortured' with. He's a freaking man. I can't believe that kid... I kind of want to go there. I think it would make a lot of people better parents (me, MEE! PICK ME!!)! SURVIVAL TACTICS, PEOPLE! ;)

Anyways. The bike ride.

It was the same ride Kari and I did last year... only we trimmed off a few miles due to over committed schedules and sparse training opportunity. Well, that's my excuse anyways... Kari did just make a whole new person and all.

Kyle on the other hand... has probably not ridden a bike since it had a spider man horn on the handle bars and beads on the spokes!

But sure enough, he headed out to battle like a trooper at the crack of dawn....

The ride was gorgeous as expected. We pretty much just meandered along at a slow pace and drank in the countryside. It was just a ride... not a race. My kind of event!

We met up with Melinda and Larry a few miles in, and mostly rode in a pack of 5 the whole way! Melinda is the sister of my good friend Stephanie... we knew last minute they were riding but didn't expect that it would turn out to be so convenient to have a few extra pals to ride with!

I can honestly say... the first 30 miles or so were an absolute blast.

But then... the sun came out... and the tarantulas. The hills started getting MEAN, and the rest stops started closing down (we started later than we expected...) which meant we had to hustle! or else risk loosing our opportunity to rehydrate!...

..... and then...

...we all DIED.

Ha. Alright, we didn't die. But I think all of us were soooo over it by the cruel and bitter end (with the exception of Larry maybe... who I don't know all that well, but he miiiiight just be too nice of a guy to whine as loud as the rest of us!).

Next year I will DEFINITELY be training a little more seriously before I go committing myself to those wretched blistering hills.

And maybe Kyle would prefer a road bike... instead of the monstrosity of a mountain bike he had the pleasure of driving up those demon hills! Live and learn! ;)


In other cycling news... I think I mentioned this *big event* in a previous post?:

..."Look, Ma!! No training wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well, over the weekend (thanks to craigslist!) we upgraded our baby girl.

Is it just me, or does she look 16 on that thing?

It IS a little big for her. We may be storing it and finding her a 18inch for another year or so (we hope!).

Even so... looking at my baby on this monster puts a lump in my throat.

Lucky for me, as long as the band-aids are too high for her to reach, I think she'll be keeping me around for awhile.


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