Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Garden of Toga

Tonight, in a moment of exhaustion and temporarily lapsed judgment I somehow accidently agreed to take my kids to the wretched Halloween store up the street (!?!?!?). I suppose it was just one of those instances where it seemed completely logical to just say yes than to consider why it wouldn't be the wisest choice right before bed... (rookie parenting mistake #4289,) but anyways. We went.

The littles were browsing the aisles and I was busy frantically trying to guide them away from the greusome parts of the store and keep them in the costume section, when all of a sudden Anabelle lights up like a Christmas tree and shreiks "OHH, MOM! We JUST learned about this in school today!!"

She is holding a picture of a college couple posing in Toga outfits!


Slightly embarassed by the looks we got from the 2 other people at the end of the aisle, I started asking some questions since I dont seem to remember that being in the cirriculum at my alma matter... a little tiny conservative christian school... paricularly at a preK level...

Finally annoyed at all my interest, she rolls her eyes and goes "Mom. You know. The story... about the apple tree? In chapel? I learned about them. What are their names?"

"Adam and Eve...?"

"Yes. Thats what I said. Thats who I learned about at school today."

Um. Thats NOT what you said. But ok, Anabelle. Glad you won't be attending your first Toga themed party any time in the near future.



Morning Glory said...

Beth, I happened to be at chapel today where Annabelle was chosen to be the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam Wetherby gave the sermon about Adam and Eve in the garden to the kids today. He was trying to get across that we must be on the alert for Satan's deception. Alertness is this month's character trait. She had to hold her hands up like the branches of the tree, and in one hand he placed an apple for her to hold. She was a natural on stage, and seemed very comfortable in this role. She is adorable!

Christina said...

I really don't think A&E wore togas either before OR after their unfortunate expulsion. (;

So cute.

Beth McDermott said...

HAha, Miss Anabelle DOES tend to have a flare for the dramatic... NO idea where she gets it. ;)
Christina... you dont think? HUH! This changes EVERYTHING for me... ;)