Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Tyson,

The other day, on a bike ride with our beautiful daughter, I caught her staring straight past the shores of the sparkling toxic green lake to the Pavilion building that sits on the other side. I could tell from her wistful gaze and starry eyes that she was enjoying a daydream of you and remembering the sweetheart dance you made her feel like a queen at last Winter.

As I silently read her mind, I enjoyed a little daydream of my own about a different set of children who existed nearly a decade past, and had their own set of fond memories in that very same spot...

I hardly know those kids anymore, they are long past and a new set of children are now centered in our hectic lives that the sun rises and the moon sets over day after day after day.

But every once in awhile, I get a glimpse of that time and place in a rare quiet moment, like that one by the lake with our Anabelle, and it just reminds me...

I am so glad I grew up with you, and that we are here in the land of reality where there are a lot of hard days and every so often an easy one that make the rest worth while. I am proud of you, and of us, and of what we've accomplished together in just under a decade. I mean, we practically conquered puberty together! Thats a task! ;)

You know I'm slightly superstitious about odd numbers, but 9 years feels like something to relish. Its gone by fast... guess that must mean we're still having fun...?

In the words of your son, I love you far past the Polar express, and past all the chocolate rainbows in the sky. And you know how much chocolate and rainbows mean to me.

Thanks for an almost-decade of playing house with me, its been an exciting ride.

Next year... lets play 'tropical getaway' instead!



selloutpopstar said...

Time has flown with all the fun we've had. Thank you for the many fun years. We have conquered a lot and we have quite a bit to show for it. We did get to have our fun at the Pavilion, but I'm sorry you won't be able to come with Anabelle and I..... unless you sneak in.

love you,

Erin said...

So cool you guys. Congratulations!