Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

A lot of people I know say 4th of July is their favorite holiday.

I'm starting to understand why!

Its just SO casual. Its lazy, there is ALWAYS something fun to do... and I happen to like the colors. Sorry Christmas... I think Old Glory may be stealing some of your edge!

Started off the day doing a 5k out in the sticks with some of my favorite people.

It was a fun little event, only a couple hundred people in a teensey little town (can you even call it a town?). I haven't been running too much since the marathon, and actually realized I miss it a little. A LITTLE.

The fam wasn't there to cheer old mom on this time around... Ty ended up working most of the day. He was out at the gun range exercising his 'right to bear arms'... on the clock... so although I missed having him around I didn't feel THAT bad for him knowing he was enjoying life.

After the 5k I rushed home, showered, and met the kids at church. Then we farmed out to good old Grammie's for a splendid front yard bbq!

She's always great at making a holiday festive. Cream soda floats and all. Thanks, Grammie! xo

My daughter was a mess around the middle of the day. It was my fault, I said something in my facebook status about 'my kids not melting down anymore from not sleeping enough' or something. Evidently it wasn't real wood I knocked on. Turns out, she needed a party break, and she put herself to bed between events. Lucky for ALL of us.

...but she sure is cute.

We rounded out the day with a brief appearance at the neighborhood block party, followed by a potluck of sorts at our friends vineyard that happens to back up to a bigger vineyard that puts on one heck of a firework show every year.

Its absolutely breathtaking, and always good food, good friends, good wine, and a GREAT time.

Doesn't really get more American than that if you ask me!

Dawson was SO proud of his glow stick hat that he won for memorizing a bajillion (I'm pretty sure thats a real number...?) Bible verses at Sunday school. He had asked me to buy it for him the day before at the dollar store. I wanted to say yes, but something told me not to. I was already buying some less exciting sticks for all the kids, and the hat would have been just for him and a little excessive I thought. The pride he felt when he 'earned' it with his hard work the very next day made me realize (again) that saying yes isn't always doing my kids a favor, and nothing feels better than hard work paying off and finally getting something you want out of it. Even at age 5.

The night ended with minimal traffic on the way home, and Dawson fell asleep in the car (which NEVER happens!).

This morning, there was a nasty black ring around the inside of the bathtub. Yep. The true mark of good time the night before!

I am thankful for a nearly perfect 4th of July... my freedom, my faith, my family, our health... cream soda floats, Kari's caramel apple salad, running water... God Bless America!

We are beyond blessed.

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Hammie Fam said...

OOhh my "salad" made the blog!!! I'll make it for you again my love, don't worry.