Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Little Wild Thing.

My son just wrote his first song.

It goes like this:

Stop to pick a peach, and you'll have a peachy day (x3... to a tune I don't recognize, so I guess its an original...)

If you eat a peach, its the only thing you'll ever eat.


I just have to say, my kids are cracking me up this summer. Don't get me wrong, they're driving me insane too. But when they're at school all year, I miss out on all the hilarious things they say and curious questions they come up with that just make the whole world look shiny and beautiful and safe.

For instance: Dawson was searching for a 'beauty mark' on my face the other day, and after searching high and low he pipes up "I can't find it, Mom. All I see are lines everywhere!"

And he is completely mesmerized with the wonder of a Venus flytrap. And what makes a hot air balloon float. And how they make plastic. And why on earth a cat would want to eat a poor little gopher.

How does a mom even begin to answer any of these mysteries!?!? Thank the LORD for YouTube.

Don't even get me started on booby traps. But let me just say... if anyone tries to hop the fence around or near his 'fort' in the dark... they might be in for a surprise. Don't say I didn't warn you in case you were considering a (bad idea of a) practical joke anytime soon.

I am so thankful for my little wild thing and all his mischief and spunk and germs and snakes and snails. And I'm also thankful that school now starts in August, as opposed to the Tuesday after Labor Day like it did when I was a kid... CAN I GET AN AAAAA-MEN?!?!!?

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