Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reporting For Duty

So, my husband is officially official.

He is all sworn in to his new life...

...he graduated on Friday!


His brother made it up from San Diego, where he is stationed in the Coast Guard. And Ty is excited to be working along side one of his best and oldest friends, John. These boys have been friends since boyhood. How adorable are they?!

It was such a privilege to be there... and hear about all the 'fun' things they've been up to the last few months. The kids have been really curious as to what the new job is all about, I know it made them feel special to finally be invited to be a small part of it (plus, you KNOW my daughter loves her an excuse to 'be fancy!').

(Almost) Tyson's whole family was there (move home already, CARLY!). My family was out of town, but they were supportive in spirit!

We had a little 'after party' at the parent's house when the ceremony ended.

The family and I all chipped in to buy a fancy flashlight for our officer's cool new belt. John ended up having to work at the last minute (part of the call of duty, as I know we will learn first hand,) but his sweet wife (and my good friend!) Rachel still walked over with their kids and hung out while we all relaxed and ate.

I know I may be the slightest bit biased, but I think we've got a handful of the sweetest, cutest kids around in our lives.
We are beyond blessed.

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selloutpopstar said...

Thank you for going through the adventure with me. Xo