Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its A Good Thing Olive My Kids...

OK, sorry. I couldn't resist the stupid pun. Call it comic relief.

I am having 'one of those days.'

Actually, a couple of them.

In a row.

With my own children.


Despite my efforts to paper doll, craft, lego, swimming pool, bake, sing, and even televise them to their little hearts content... they are STILL near impossible to keep entertained and out of trouble.

And they eat whenever they are not occupied. Eating is expensive. And it fuels them with more and more raw energy. You can see the storm brewing in the direction of where this logic is headed.

(Side note: Dawson has grown more than 2 inches in 6 months. Yipes!):

Today, I decided to make an early lunch in an effort to take the edge off. I'm down a daycare kid, so I thought I'd take advantage of the 'quieter' scene, and make a big plate of nachos for my kids to share.

I opened a can of olives, sliced a few on top... turned around, and saw my son licking his fingers.

The can was empty.

We're talking a whole can. Of BIG, BLACK, RICH olives.


I was scolding Dawson for 'making himself sick' with his tasty little appetizer, when I heard Anabelle mutter "Uh-oh..."

I twirl around, and. Welp. Here she is!:

Covered head to toe in gooey nacho glory. The picture does it no justice, it was everywhere. Down her arms, back, shirt... in her hair... all over the floor, up the fridge...

This is DEFINITELY a better definition of Livin la Vida Loca. Aye Car rumba.

(PS- As I type this, they are BOTH sitting in timeout. Its 1:15pm... and it hasn't been the first one today. Or the second one... S.O.S........S.O.S.......S.O.S......!!!!).


Elissa Parrish said...

olive your kids too <3

Elissa Parrish said...

olive your kids too <3