Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lets Get Physical


I think I've stumbled upon the most genius cure for summer boredom yet.

Wait for it....
Wait for it...

Jillian Michaels... for the KIDS.

I can't believe the answer was right under my nose all along and I didn't see it!

Dawson has been begging to do 'my workout video' on and off for weeks now.

With all the marathon training, I stopped 'shredding' during nap times. I had forgotten that months ago, Dawson was really, REALLY into doing this little bonding exercise with me.

Today, I caved in and put it on just for him.

He immediately requested level 3 (the hardest one). I had forgotten there were levels at all.

Anabelle made it thru the first couple rounds... and then joined her mom and a couple babies on the couch while we proceeded to watch Dawson do THE ENTIRE WORKOUT.

...with pretty great form, I might add.

At the end, he was dripping sweat, and I could practically see the endorphins glistening in his eyes.

My kids are so weird. And cool. And at this rate, nobody will ever dare to steal their lunch money. hiiii-YA!


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Anonymous said...

I love how Asa is like "what the HECK are you doing?!"