Monday, June 14, 2010


So... its finally over.

On 6.6.10 my little lost boy of a brother (KJ) turned 21 years old, became a real live bonafied grown up... and ran 13.1 miles in the San Diego Rock and Roll half marathon to commemorate it!

I'm proud.

Bangarang, KJ!!!

And I'm also proud of us:

These women I know are extraordinary. They make me better. I never EVER knew I had marathon potential. EVER. I have no words for these giants... but I'd like to think they already know what they mean to me.

That said, I would have been proud to WALK 26.2 miles in an entire day and live to tell the tale of it a few months ago.

But we ran hard, fought the good fight... and finished the race!

Bethany: 4:35:49
Elissa: 4:51:36
Beth: 4:51:36

It was one of the hardest and best things I've done so far in my life. It hurt like the blazes, and it was FUN. Isn't that a weird thing to say?

So true, though.

I keep comparing it to childbirth. Maybe that's not fair... because obviously my kids are more to me than ANY silly run... but its the same kind of experience. The anticipation, the fear, the thrill of knowing its going to be here soon, and you can't really turn back now that you've come this far. The feeling of utter panic when you realize the night before that YES, this is GOING to happen no matter what, and you were dumb enough to ASK for it... and the way the whoooooole time it seems impossible and hurts like a mutha*^&*#^&*#54784... you just keep picturing how amazing you will feel at the end (and dear Lord, it better not come out ugly...bwahahahah!).

...and then (as soon as the blisters are popped, muscles are iced, and the chafing has been slathered with enough diaper rash cream to supply Octomom for an entire year)...


This was a great experience for SO many reasons, but highest on the list to me was the support I felt of just about everyone I'm fortunate enough to have in my life.

I learned A LOT about myself (just for you, Kari).

I learned that other people think I'm capable of more than I think I am... which is sad, because I wonder how much I've missed out on because I've been afraid to fail.

I learned that I am way better and more motivated by being on a team than by being a competitor (which I already mostly knew). But honestly, I would NEVER have gotten my butt out of bed that early that often to train for this if I didn't have a couple hard core nazi's waiting in my driveway, salivating for an excuse to storm into my bedroom and drag me out by the hair.

I learned that its literally because if you look at the entire mountain, it seems completely overwhelming and unattainable.

I learned that running away only takes 'the edge' off a little bit... but every little bit counts.

I learned that apparently I am highly susceptible to peer pressure. Lets leave it at that. ;)

I've learned that heatstroke and stinging nettle are the enemy... and salt capsules and body glide are the light.

I learned that nothing feels better than seeing your kids take an interest in something that you are working at.

I learned that Tyson might not want to run a marathon with me any time in the near future... but he MAY do a half. Someday. And he happens to be one heck of a cheerleader.

Which is more than great by me.
Thank you SO much girls... husband... family... friends. If you care enough about me to read my blog regularly (NOT CHELSEA!!!), chances are you're sick of hearing marathon talk come out of my mouth between seeing it here and hearing about it again and again and again every time we talk in real life.
Now all you will hear about is how I'm sad its over, but glad its been conquered.
And how I am feeling a little confused about where to go from here... and whether to hike, bike, run, or swim there. But one thing is certain... there's always another mountain. (Boo-ya, Miley!)


selloutpopstar said...

Amazing... glad i got to cheer from the sidelines.... (like child birth?) love you

Rachel said...

We are not tired of hearing about it, I love hearing about it because it is a seriously amazing thing that you just accomplished. So proud of you friend!

Erin said...

Aaaahhhh! This blog was so good! And I agree 100%. Running is like childbirth. If we can push out kids, we can run marathons, right? Totally.

Anonymous said...

It's true, you are capable of SO MUCH! Unbelievably much. Proud proud proud to be your friend and training nazi...ehem, I mean buddy ;) sorry it took me so long to read!

Hammie Fam said...

Love hearing the stories. I am so proud of you! Always knew you could do it! Love you! (And thanks A LOT for the shout out =))

Beatrice Blount said...

SO proud of you. Just so very proud.