Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good Friday

Today is Good Friday- and I just can't help but think its a personal divine nod to our family.

Today was Tyson's last official day at his job at Prince cable.

Our family journey has been a rocky, steep, uphill climb the last 2 years or so. We've had some rough storms, some false starts, and gone thru some all around tough stuff. My kids have missed their dad tremendously as he worked long hours, 6 days a week. We've been struggling so much to stay connected with the most important of our family, who was gone from us so often, and so underpaid and unappreciated.

I realize a lot of young families go thru this. I know a lot of them personally. But I appreciate it and relate to it on a personal level now. Its not that life is impossible or utterly unbearable without Tyson around on a regular or consistent basis- but it does feel like a giant hole. Like we are just existing, and not really thriving. Its bread and water.

I've thought often this past year of the thousands of young families across our country who are serving overseas, and of the toll that takes on family life. It breaks my heart, and it keeps my own whining in perspective (sometimes). What courage and strength those men and their wives at home must have to move forward. And I understand on a new level why at times- they cant.

That is such a scary thought to me. The way distance and time apart can leach into relationships and tear people apart. The way life just sucks you in, and we go about fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities apart from those we love.

This blog is getting depressing, and heavy.

That was not my intent.

I imagine that must be how the disciples felt all those years ago, at the foot of the cross of their defeated "Savior," feeling like they'd lost their way and invested in a future that no longer existed. Probably feeling a little foolish, and wanting their money back? I don't know. All I'm saying is... doubt happens. Even to the most devout disciples.

And then.

Oh, and then.

After the darkness, and the grief, despair, tears, and the burial- the unimaginable.

Life was restored. And not only restored, but completely healed, and better than ever before.

Renewed strength. Battle scars, to bear the proof of the fight that was fought, and won. All the trials made sense. All their life's work and the struggle was validated.

I guess on this Good Friday, I am reminded that because of the price that was paid. Because of the fight that was fought, and the hope that we have. Because the unimaginable can happen under the most ordinary circumstances...

The McDermott's are headed for hope and for new life together. A life with shorter hours, and benefits.

We are starting over again. Maybe not for the last time. Maybe more battles- possibly harder ones than now lie ahead in the years to come.

But as of Monday, I feel redemption for the quality our family life.

And I am just so thankful for this Good Friday.

I ate a fillet of fish to celebrate.



selloutpopstar said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your filet de pescado. Thanks for the amazing journey and being such a trooper through everything. I love you and can't wait for this new adventure.

Beatrice Blount said...

AWESOME. I cheer you on in your newly invigorated life, and the hope that has been resurrected.

liz oelker said...

I love your family Beth! You make me so happy with all your blogs. Starting the family at such a young age and keeping that family so strong. It's so incredible! :)