Monday, April 19, 2010

Heres The Latest

So, on Friday, my super handsome husband went to work in uniform:

Isn't he sharp?

The academy lasts until the second week in July, and after he graduates he will be shadowing the other officers to get a feel for each shift for about 6 weeks. Then he will be assigned to his own shift, which will stay the same for a year.

So far, so good for all of us! Weeee!

This is a little out of nowhere, but I just had to mention the sweet nature of my kids. My mom surprised them with a treat of donut holes last week for breakfast (which they were thrilled about since they rarely get them), and instead of eagerly plowing all 5 in one giant gulp... they each kicked some into the pot, and labeled them with love and care to their hard working Dad, so he could have a special snack when he got home.

I just love when they think of sweet little ways to show they care all on their own. xo

Speaking of... this is a new thing:

All of a sudden... they want to sleep together every night. We've tried it a couple times in the past, and unless we are traveling or there is some odd circumstance that makes it a necessary evil, it does NOT work out. They just giggle, and talk, and play... anything but sleep. But recently that's changed, which is not only adorable to see when we go in to tuck them in one last time for the night, but also solves the issue of having to kick them out of our bed throughout the night because of the monsters in the closet, or whatever. Its a win/win.
In other family news, last weekend was quite the family event.
It was my Dad's birthday on Saturday (Happy Birthday, Dad!), and it happened to coincide with the annual Miracle Miles for Kids 10k that is a beach run from Morro Rock to the Cayucos Pier.
When Kari and I did it last year, it was my first organized running event, and it was lots of fun.
This year was WAY different...

...since the entire family got to be included!
Tyson was working last year and didn't get to participate, but this year I managed to trap my whole family into coming along, and I'm SO MAD AT MYSELF for not getting a picture of all of us together. My Dad (is crazy and) agreed to push the kids in the jogger (with a little help from Kyle and Destanie) while my mom, Tyson, KJ and I ran ahead.
The race itself was TOUGH for me. Lets just say big fat bummer there are no bathrooms along the way. And Tyson and I got separated somehow, and my running gal pals started before I did since I lost my timing chip and stood in a line that never moved until after the race started.
Ughhhh. Oh well. It was still a great time and a beautiful day at the beach with the family, and I could not be more proud of my super kids, who at just 4 and 5 years old managed to walk just about the entire way! That jogger ended up being more of a hassle than necessary!

If you ask Dawson about this event, he will tell you he won. He is telling the truth... kind of. He did cross the finish line before his sister. I guess that's the biggest competition you could possibly face in the land of 5 year old boy.

Oh, Dawson. I have no idea where he gets his racy humor from:

We finished off the day exhausted, sunburned, and famished!!! Luckily there was a feast in the birthday boy's honor at my parent's house.

We wouldn't want to go burning all those calories without replacing them properly now, would we?...
So there you have our recent family events. We are keeping plenty busy this month getting used to the demands and new routine of Tyson's job, and planning the summer months ahead.
If anyone has any brilliant ideas for how to face an entire summer with 2 kids who are used to being challenged and entertained most of the day... I could sure use a refresher course.

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