Friday, April 16, 2010


Me: "Come on, Dawson, its time to go to the store..."

Dawson: "No, I dont want to go. I want to stay here and pick wildflowers."

Me: "Ok, have fun being home alone. Watch out for the monsters."

Dawson: "Ok, I will. Bye."

...a few seconds later...

Dawson: "Anabelle! Are you staying here?"

Anabelle: "Nope. Im with Mom."

Dawson: "Stay here with me... its gonna be lots of fun."

Anabelle: "...welll.... I dunno...can you take care of me?"

Dawson: "Yep."

Anabelle: "Can you get me snack?"

Dawson: "Uh-huh... all by myself."

Anabelle: "Can you make us dinner if she doesnt come back for a long time...?"

Dawson: "I can make dinner... as long as you like breakfast for dinner..."

Anabelle: "You can make pancakes?!?!?"

Dawson: "Well, no... I can make cereal... but I just cant pour the milk. But we can still eat cereal for dinner..."

Anabelle: "OK!!! Mom! Im stayin with Daws."

So its settled, then.

My kids don't need me anymore.

As long as I leave the cereal on the counter where they can reach it.


Anonymous said...

green eggs and ham ????

selloutpopstar said...

See Sweetie. One more reason we should have a third one. xoxo

Elissa Parrish said...

oh BETH i just can't STAND this...!!!!!!!!! there are no words... i need to read this again. what sweet babes...

Hammie Fam said...

oh Lordie Tyson. And hilarious. I think my kids are also conviced they could live w/o me.