Saturday, March 13, 2010

Play Ball

Today was a mom day I will remember forever.

It was my little boy's T-Ball opening ceremony.

Baseball/softball has a special place in my heart. It was 'my sport' back in the day, although I only played for my high school a couple of years. I mostly played for the city rec league, and did their All Stars team for a couple of summers.

Its a place I began a lot of important relationships in my life. I still talk to most of the girls who were once team mates which I think is extremely rare, if not unheard of. Its also the place where my then boyfriend stole my heart just by showing up every game to sit in the cold bleachers and be supportive, annoy the fiery blazes out of the coaches, sing the cheesy cheers, and be my biggest fan (well, besides my parents, but lets face it, they were horribly biased).

Baseball was also a part of Tyson's childhood. He didn't play too many seasons and had somewhat lost interest in 'organized sports' as he called it by the time I met him. But from what I understand, for his short years in Little League and Babe Ruth, he was a pretty capable little slugger himself.

That said, Tyson and I have that common thread in our childhoods, and we've been really looking forward to the distant future, when Dawson and Anabelle's moment on the mound would arrive.

Then all of a sudden, today, out of nowhere, it was here already.

In the shuffle of our busy family lives, the harmless little scribble of 't-ball opening ceremonies' written hastily on the calendar didn't really prepare me for how emotional it was going to be. Then I found myself in a mob of parents being directed to the bleachers as Dawson greeted his new team mates, and headed out across the baselines into center field where his coach slipped a maroon hat and a giant jersey over his tiny head. Suddenly, I was choking back sobs.

I cant even describe the look of complete joy and excitement plastered across his filthy little face as they announced his team, "THE TORNADOES," and the little teenseys ran the bases as the parents cheered. My baby boy was waving his hat around his head like a cowboy comin in for the winning lasso the whole time.

It was the strangest/saddest/happiest/full circle moment for me. I was beyond thankful for remembering my sunglasses to hide behind... I don't think any of them realized I was sitting there plagued with nostalgia and utterly humiliated for being 'that parent.'

Honestly, personal 'warm and fuzzies' aside, I wasn't too sure he would be in to the whole experience. We've been telling him it was coming for awhile now, but he hasn't asked a lot of questions on his own.

But it is completely evident after this experience... once he saw that field we had him at peanuts and cracker jacks.

The Atascadero News took his picture for the paper with the mayor.

He is very VERY proud of his uniform, and happily played right along at all my requested photo ops. He even requested a special picture by this tree displaying his number... which perhaps not-so-coincidentally is exactly half of the #14 I wore so proudly all those years ago.

And who could forget his #1fan... who (thanks to Taylor Swift!) is very proud of her spot "on the bleachers" for now... although I'm not sure she will be happy at the sidelines forever. She has already had a princess fit about why he gets to do t-ball and she 'has to do ballet!' (which she adores, unless she is told there might be something else shes missing out on). I have a feeling it might not be long until she trades in her tutu and tiara for a trucker hat.

Tyson has been working long and hard on Saturdays for us, and unfortunately missed out on being there. He was kind of disappointed, I think he might have realized it was going to be a 'moment' before I even did. But Dawson couldn't even wait until we got to the car to call his Dad and tell him all the exciting details.

And those pesky Saturday shifts should be ending soon. We are hopeful for a Spring filled with t ball games in the warm evening sun, and having Dad around to drink it all in with us.

Its looking pretty promising.

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selloutpopstar said...

Can't wait for the season to start. Great blog. Those were fun times at your softball games. Love ya.