Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crossing One Off My Bucket List

My friends rule.

This one is for Stephanie Brown, and that boy of hers, who helped me fulfill one of my 'before I die, I must-"ests.

On Sunday mornin, we committed an unthinkable sin.

We skipped church, and went a shootin!

Pretty hot, right? Well... get a load of this here cowboy:

Come to find out, I married some kind of a sharp shootin maverick cowboy!... No, no... not Sarah Palin.

Tyson is a GOOD SHOT! He blew the very first pigeon thrown to him right out of the sky after not firing a gun in a decade. I was impressed.

The boys seemed to have a great time. Of course my husband wants a gun now. (Shhhhh! I kind of do, too).

It was really really fun to watch, and really fun to try too. I have a big black bruise on my shoulder! How cool am I?!

I almost chickened out at the last second... it sounds like good clean fun on paper, but when it comes to staring down the barrel of the matter, apparently I'm all talk. I got a-scared!

I'm so glad I did it tho. And I'm already hankerin to do it again.

"And what did we do with the kids while we went and played with guns in the wilderness, miles and miles from the nearest hospital and in a questionable cell phone reception area?,' you may ask?

Oh... you know.

We found the most reliable babysitter in town. Her name is Daisy, and the kids adore her.

After the shootout, us girls took off and spent a lovely afternoon at Stephanie's baby shower. Baby Hutch will be here SO SOON, and I can't wait to meet him and see his sweet little face. Anabelle had such a great time, getting to be with the grown up lady's and spend time with just me, and Dawson and his daddy explored the unknown terrain of Stephanie's parents amazing piece of property and played with guns some more.

We didn't get home till after dark, and after the kids went to bed Tyson and I both agreed it was such an amazing and fun day all around, one of my absolute favorites. A little bit of danger... a little bit of playtime, a little bit of party (and cake!), a little family bonding... ahh. That's just the stuff life is made of.

So thank you, Steph and Jerad... we can't wait for our kid's first official play date together, baby boy in the oven has SUCH cool parents.

We have much to look forward to, and much to be thankful for all around us.

And I get to put a check mark next to my shooting obsession.

Now if any of my other super cool friends out there happen to have access to getting me inside a shark cage... that's next on the list!


No. For reals.



Steph said...

love it!
glad I got to help pop your cherry.

that was a really fun day, Jerad can't wait to do it again. he is swearing that for a "push gift" he is getting me a shotgun. in pink.

when we get divorced after that can I move in?

selloutpopstar said...

can't wait for the Shark Cage. I'm glad you had fun... xoxo ~tyson

Jerad said...

Best Read of 2010. Two ecstatic thumbs way up!