Monday, March 8, 2010

March Forth

My friend Bethany pointed out to me recently that my birthday is a special day, because its a date AND a command:

March 4th.
March FORTH!

First of all, how adorable and creative is she?, and second of all... from now on, I'm going to try to think of it more that way instead of the emo-dysfunctional-manic-depressive-unbalanced sort of fashion I've been in the last several years.

Maybe not-so-coincidentally, I had a GREAT birthday (again) this year. Possibly my favorite ever.

Highlights included FOUR (yes, four) different birthday cakes... THIS tasty little treat was custom made by my brilliant neighbor and cake goddess extrordinare Alissa Bright, who is an artist and a cake humanitarian and always makes thoughtful things for any and everyone she knows. Isn't it pretty? And deliciously bite-sized... I swear it looks bigger in the picture... (PS- Dawson shared his Hershey kisses on top. How cute is that!?)

He also helped me eat it. I should be thankful for the calorie rescue, but sharing cake is never cute to me.... I KNEW he had an angle when he put that chocolate on top, how could I say no after that!?!? ;)
Speaking of calories, I have tasted heaven. Kari (who knows my love language is food) arranged for a mid-day feast on the divinely inspired decadence of ColbyJack Cafe (which I've heard amazing things about, but never actually tried).
We sat out back with the daycare pack and everyone feasted in the brilliant warm spring weather. How about that!? Rain and nastiness all week, and the sun came out on the day I was born. I feel so special! Almost as special as that slice of Snickers cake masterpiece we managed to polish off at the end of our lunch. Burp.
Lucinda and Aiden also spoiled me (without making my love handles any bigger!) with these little beauties:

I can't believe its almost garden time already, what a happy thought for this spoiled little birthday brat. ;)
The day ended with a collection of a few of my favorite people at a new ahhhhhhhmazing sushi joint here in town.

This place is going to be dangerous for me, particularly because its RIGHT down the street, and not all that expensive (listen to me rationalizing the addiction already).

How adorable are my two pregnant besties right now? And awe.... they still know how to party for the sake of little not-so-old me. ;)

If this last picture looks like the most painful part of the day, its probably because it was my fourth and last birthday cake, and I was stuffed to the brim with birthday joy and food and cards and kind thoughts galore.

And in just eleven days... the party continues in the great state of Washington (thanks, Obama!)
That's right! The McDermotts are going on their first EVER 'official' to visit our beloved Aunties in Seattle. Technically, just outside Seattle.
We are wayyyy excited, especially to be visiting the family we always miss! We.are.SO.outahere. I already can't wait to put that in my pipe and blog it.
So thats a birthday wrap... 2010 is ruling my world so far, even though I happen to be getting older in the process.
Thank you, friends and family, for always loving me, and encouraging me to "March Forth."
Even on March 4th.


Rachel said...

So glad you had such a good day! You deserve it!!

selloutpopstar said...

I'm glad you had a crazy fun Birthday. xoxo ~t

Elissa Parrish said...

i love you a whole lot... <3

Hammie Fam said...

I am SOO glad you like your birthday now! It's so much more fun!