Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Four Tea

So.... guess who's just about four years old?

That would be my beautiful Anabelle Lee alright.

Her bff Addisen is one month and a couple days ahead of her... so this year, her amazing mother and I decided to collaborate our efforts, split the cost, and throw a double birthday bash right smack in the middle of both of their birthdays.

Kari mostly did the decorations, and I mostly did the food. We had a perfect excuse to spend a couple evenings together planning after the kids went to bed... and it was half the cost, and half the time. I would highly recommend it if you happen to be so lucky as to have such an amazing friend as I do.

I had been eying this adorable pink and green pastel plaid set of ceramic teapots and plates at Kmart since last Easter... and happened to be at the store on the day they were finally marked to $1/plate and $3/teapot. I doubt even a thrift store would have sold them at those prices, I was elated. So... that was our color scheme.

Kari made the tablecloth, and the napkins, and some adorable matching hair bows for party favors... then raided her highly organized craft bin of birthday party's past for the rest... and wha-la!:

A party was born.

Dawson was the only lucky gentlemen in attendenance. Isnt he dapper?

BoldAnd our darling birthday queens:

We painted finger nails, dined on fancy finger food, and enjoyed watching all the kids practice their table manners.

Games included a home made rendition of "Pin the Spout on the Teapot,"

And musical chairs... Although some of the little dahlings (AHEM, ANABELLE!) had a hard time processing what 'you're out!' means without having a diva meltdown...

Daddy was right there offering his shoulder to cry on... literally... and a fast remedy to any case of the party blues (at any age) is, of course!... pink champagne cake from Madonna Inn!

Anabelle loves presents just about as much as her mom does, if you can imagine that...

It was a great group of guests for the girls... they both invited 2 friends, plus their siblings... and had each other of course. It felt like just the right amount of everything.

The take home treasures were dress up accessories including hand sewn hair bows by Kari... that girl has magic fingers for crafting. They turned out adorable.

What a sweet, well mannered group of friends my kids have in their lives.

They don't know it yet, but at ages 4 and 5, they have some of the most valuable assets for achievement in life... friendship and love abounding.

What a blessing.


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Rachel said...

That was such a sweet party! Julie is still talking about "Anabelle's friends house" and how she wants to go back there! Thank you so much for inviting us!