Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sleeping Beauty's Nightmare

At 4:30 this morning, Anabelle came sprinting down the hallway to our room sobbing.

She had a nightmare.

She was wide awake from it, and wanted to lay there and tell us all the graphic details.

"Well... I was laying in bed, and then I found a skeleton playing under my bed, and he hopped out, and then he jumped on top of my dollhouse, and then, he tried to get in my bed to snuggle me and he wanted to MARRY me!, but I didn't want tooo! SO I tried to hide from him under my covers, but there was a giant octopus under there, and he started eating my blankets..."

It was the freaking cutest nightmare I've ever heard.


Hammie Fam said...

Wow. That is so crazy that she remembers all of that! My girls never remember their dreams.

Elissa Parrish said...