Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Homefront...

Sooo, my darling husband has a reputation for being a pretty laid back guy.

Its pretty true... case and point follow:

I got a call from Ty mid afternoon on Saturday. He was working that day, and the kids were at their Grammie's house until he was supposed to get off. I cant remember if I was at the expo center in Phoenix getting ready to load my pockets with free crap, or standing in Chelsea's kitchen moments after arriving... but either way, the phone rang, and I remember thinking it odd that Tyson would be calling me in the middle of his work day, when he knew where I was and what I was doing...

He asked what we were up to, and I told him half anxious to get off the phone... it hadn't been that long since we'd talked, and its not like him to be needy... I was trying not to be rude as he was shooting the breeze...

Aaand, then he manages to casually mention that he was wounded on a job... and maybe, possibly, fraction of an outside chance of needing stitches.

"...say WHAT!?"

Evidently he was on his ladder and attempted to steady himself with his foot on some particle board shelving that was dry rotted. He ended up crashing thru a couple layers of the shelves and gashing himself down the back of the leg almost all the way down to the muscle with some rusty screws that were holding the unit together.


He is such a trooper... 12 stiches later.

I have to say... its so nice to be home. I was only gone a couple nights, and while any haggard mom would love an indefinite time to getaway with her bff... it was really nice to come home to this:

He even vacuumed. (!?!?!?)

The kids missed me too... I think? ("Hi, Mom! Back so soon? WHATDJA BRING ME!??!?!")

Dawson DID ask me this morning if I was going to miss him as much as he missed me when I was in Arizona when he gets on an airplane to fly to Washington to visit his auntie Carly without me.

I guess that's love?

(Over my dead, cold, rotting corpse~! If HE gets to see Carly... then I get to see Carly...)

And speaking of love... I am kind of obsessed with my little running shrine that is slowly growing inside my closet.

I really don't run for the glory... more for the therapy, as I mentioned earlier... but the mementos really are inspiring to remind me to keep working hard on days I just don't feel like continuing on in my exercise regimen.

Keep em comming!

Im running another half marathon next month. Boo-ya!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog. I love you. I'm glad you had fun. xo, Tyson