Monday, August 31, 2009

She's Kind of a Big Deal...

Our Grammie, that is.

And today, she is 50.

You would never believe this if you met her on the street... and if you do happen to know her, you only believe its true because she has kids in their mid 20's.

I hope time is half as kind to me as it has been to her. She is the picture of health, youth, and vitality.

My kids have a Grammie who swings on the swing set, chases them down the beach giggling like a kid, and Shakes her Sillys Out like nobody is watching to the tune of Raffi blasting thru the living room.

Before I got married, people always said how important the groom's family background was, because 'you marry them all...'

I consider myself beyond blessed that I wound up with a mother in law who made the man I married who he is, loves my kids quite possibly more than I do, and who is so generous with her life in so many ways.
We love you, Grammie! Cheers to the next half decade.

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