Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming Out of My Closet

So, as most of my loyal readers are more than aware of... since I got married right out of high school this meant I was engaged during High School.

My girlfriends and I spent many of the final days of our Senior year planning for the months ahead. They were all so excited to be part of our big up and coming wedding event, and it just so happened that during our senior class trip we found ourselves giddily browsing the lingerie rack at Frederick's of Hollywood in southern California.

We were all being silly, relishing the scandal of it all, trying on ridiculous frilly novelties as you might expect from unsupervised teenage girls teetering on a horizon of freedom.
For some reason that is completely unknown to me now, I particularly admired this little number:

...so my darling girlfriends purchased it without my knowing and gifted it to me later at a shower.

Fast forward nearly 8 years, and I must admit its been sitting lonely and forgotten in a dark and dusty corner of my closet for quite some time now (~sigh~).

Until recently that is.

One day, I came home, and found it sprawled in the middle of my bedroom floor.

My first thought was that Tyson might be trying to tell me something...?, but then it seemed unlikely that he would do so by rummaging thru my things and throwing it carelessly in the middle of the floor, so I reasoned again that Anabelle must have been rooting around my closet.

I didn't ponder it for long, and quickly tucked it away far out of sight thinking again how silly my 18 year old taste was. I chuckled to myself in sarcasm, muttering something of how I was "practically Anabelle's age when I picked the darn thing out!, of COURSE she couldn't resist playing with it!... It must have been her."

Mystery solved....or so I thought...
...for the very next day, there it was again sprawled irreverently across my bedroom floor.

I generally have a good sense of keeping track of my kid's whereabouts. At this point, I thought it odd that Anabelle was having so much free time to sneak into my closet undetected.

I was again completely puzzled about how my lingerie kept finding its way into the light of day... and then suddenly Anabelle pushed her nosey little way into my room and spotted it laying out in all its pink and feathery glory and began to shriek in delight...
"OHHHH, MOM! Its SO beautiful! Was that your wedding dress?!?!?"

"Uhhh, kind of."

"!!!Did you wear it at your wedding?!"

"Er... not at the wedding..."
"Can I please play dress up in it?"

"What do you have it for?"...
I realized by now that she hadn't been the one dragging it out to put on display. And if it wasn't her, and it wasn't Tyson,... oh for the love, WHO is digging thru my unmentionables?!?!?

The mystery was really starting to get to me.

I stashed it in a different drawer this time. I kept thinking about it though.

Finally, a few days later, I walked into my room and heard some scuffling in my closet.

A few moments later, our dear Forest emerged.

He was completely love drunk, purring like a mad-cat, and dragging this along with him.

Apparently my lingerie makes more than one of our family members feel a little frisky.
I'm just glad the case is closed, and my darling daughter was not the culprit.
Lets hope this stays true for a very very very long time.


Rachel said...

HAAAHAAAA! I am peeing my pants right now!

Beatrice Blount said...

I was SOOOO waiting to see pics of Dawson in your unmentionables. But I love that it was your cat!

Steph said...

and all my cat does is pee on my bathrobe...

.heidi.noelle. said...

LOL!!!!! This made my day!

skylana said...

bummer i was hoping for dawson. you know i love nothing more than a cross dressed boy.

Elissa said...

hysterical... SO FUNNY!