Monday, August 3, 2009

The Princess and Her Royal Subject

Saturday morning, Anabelle emerged from her bedroom already dressed as usual. She does this because she is a control freak who is afraid her ridiculously unstylish mother just might have the nerve to choose her an outfit that consists of something other than her preference of something pink and frilly that twirls.

This particular morning, tho, she happened to find a fashion victim to drag along with her.

Thats right. She scrounged up the teeniest doll dress she could possibly find... and proceeded to half cram poor Forest into it upside down and sideways with his paws twisted and tangled in ways kittens ought not to bend.

The silly cat purred his face off the entire time, and only seemed annoyed when I helped him work out his kinks so as to properly display her wardrobe selection.

Moments after I took these pictures, she announced that "this morning, I will eat my breakfast in my bed, Mom. You can bring it to me there."

Where did I get this princess child?

Thank God she's pretty.




Rachel said...

Ha! She sleeps just like Julie does, with her legs crossed like that. Love it! Ha!

Beatrice Blount said... would be very awkward if she wasn't so pretty. nobody likes an ugly princess.

Beth McDermott said...

...shrek and fiona?