Monday, August 24, 2009

Aaaaand, He's Off!

This morning my little bundle of blue who arrived just yesterday woke up a kindergartner.

He chose granola with yogurt and peaches for breakfast. Making mature decisions already. I threw in the waffle just to keep him grounded, and remind him he was still a kid. :)

He dressed promptly after breakfast, and kept insisting he was going to be late. I hope they make it a priority to teach him how to tell time soon, it will make my life a LOT easier when that day comes around.

Of course, we were early. So we took pictures.

This is my favorite masterpiece of the day. How tiny does he look with that GIGANTIC backpack swallowing him whole?

He very matter of factly showed his sister where the back packs went.

How adorable are these?:

I asked Dawson what mom's of kindergartners were supposed to wear the first day. He told me to pick out something fancy, and then nodded in utmost approval at my tasteful choice of a pink and white dress. Anabelle was also delighted for a change. Who knew they could be so easy to please? You'd think I wore elastic wasted denim every day or something!

Tyson was able to take a day off to be there. It meant the world to our little family to be able to be a complete unit for this spectacular send off.

Mrs. Romera personally welcomed each kid into the class and gave them a name tag. This time, Dawson was able to mutter a good morning greeting! A definite victory after his stage fright in front of his new leading lady during last Friday's 'meet your teacher' event.

There was about 5 minutes of 'free play' while everyone found their way inside,

...and then the new mistress in his life rang her silver bell and froze us all in place, dismissing the parents off to wander the lonesome parking lot in a nostalgic stupor while the biggest part of our lives sat Indian style on a carpet square singing songs and making silly faces. They hardly looked up.

There were no tears from where we were standing, because we know our Dawson is confident, secure, and completely ready and excited to drink this all in. It was actually a really great feeling.
His faithful companion and partner in crime, however, was a completely different story. Miss Anabelle Lee cried her baby blue eyes out thru a nasty scowl and a mop of blond hair crusted to her face all the way home. It took awhile to process, because I couldn't understand if she was sad for leaving her superstar behind, or angry that she was being left out of the experience for herself.
I should have guessed.
She can not for the life of her process the fact that Dawson is her older brother, and that her day has not yet arrived. In her baby mind, they are equal. All this special attention for Dawson... the new clothes, special supplies, royal treatment, haircuts, pep talks, etc... she doesn't understand that it will all be waiting for her in a day that will be here in an instant. I never stopped to consider that she would have a hard time with this. I was sidetracked... and I felt horrible.
Thankfully, she is forgiving. Nothing cheers a gloomy pink princess up like a little girlie time with your bff (who HAPPENS to live up the street)!

Thanks for the loaner(s), Hammies. Addie Rae saves the day. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

We picked the boy up after 3 hours FLEW by... and it would seem kindergarten was a hit.

When we tucked him in tonight, he briefed us on all the rules. There were at least a dozen, he remembered them all. This boy genius has officially arrived, and is ready to play.


selloutpopstar said...

Thanks for the most amazing boy and amazing family and being the most amazing wife

Rachel said...

I can't believe how grown up he is! Such a big day! I am so glad it was a success!

Steph said...

what happened to the little baby harry potter from your halloween party in santa margarita all those years ago?

he grew up into such a handsome, sweet, SMART boy. hold him down before all of a sudden he's in Jr. High, yikes!

liz oelker said...

you are such an adorable family and he's so precious.

Monica said...

Awww...Monterey Alma Mater :)

Elissa said...

hold on while i blow the snot and wipe the tears. precious and sad and beautiful and SOOO sweet about anabelle. i never would have thought that either. your family is beautiful and i just love you!


.heidi.noelle. said...

I CAN NOT believe you have a child who is in kindergarten! Looked like a great day! You look beautiful :)