Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby, Come Back!

Today is an unexpectedly emotional day for me...

This morning I took Anabelle to her first day of 'real' preschool.

Our life has been pretty chaotic these last few weeks. Summer ended so suddenly, and it seemed we had to scramble to work out all the kindergarten details. Until Anabelle's meltdown upon her brother's grand send off, I hadn't really let myself believe she needed to go to preschool. She is different than Dawson in a sense that she is content here at home in ways that he wasn't at this age. She would be happy to sit around play dress up and bake banana bread and read stories in my lap all day long.

But she is also social, and bright, and deserves to be challenged with kids at her age level even though I might not want this to be true.

And so, Tyson and I talked it over, crunched some numbers, called on our dear friends for carpool help, and made arrangements last week so she could start a 2 half day a week program with her best friend Addisen at a fantastic program here in town.

We attended the open house a few days ago, and didn't tell her until the last minute that she could be going to this new school. Predictably, when we announced we were just going to 'check it out' she immediately got a scowled at me and demanded I leave here there for the day so she could be alone with her teacher and her best friend. Its nice to know my place in her world. ;)

The teacher had all the kids choose a card stock barnyard animal of a different color to take home and decorate, and bring back on the first day.

She chose the black sheep. Miss Jana took note of it.

The weekend was busy, we didn't discuss that the day was approaching so I don't think she remembered when she woke up this morning that today was the big day.

But when it was brought to her attention.... she was suddenly sunshine, and ready to go without looking back.

As you could imagine, it only fuels the excitement to have your favorite friend EVER waiting to make mischief with you.

I know in my mind that this is a perfect fit, even though it took some managing to make it happen.

But my heart feels very very sad that suddenly my babies are just not that at all anymore.


lucinda! said...

aww! how sweet is her face in that first picture. and the one of her and addy... LOVE.the babes are not babes any more :0( next year im going to be singing this same tune. sad sad day in the land of mommies, when we realize that they are kids... KIDS! not babies.

Elissa said...

its so sad. all of the sudden it's here and i'm so so proud but so so sad and wow. we will have so many more tragically beautiful moments like this for many many many years.