Monday, February 2, 2009

The Grand Tour

And so our new journey began on Sunday morning at 0345, when we woke in a fog and quickly showered and hopped in the green machine headed for West Sacramento to the place Tyson will be calling home for the next 6 mos.

Orientation began at 10am, and we sat for quite awhile watching various video footage of life as a cadet, as well as reviewing benefits, job assignment upon graduation, and other miscellaneous policies and procedures.

The meeting ended with a tour of the grounds, and this is what we saw:

The cafeteria:

You can't see from this pic, but all along the wall there are dozens and dozens of treadmills. I kinda want a membership (but not at the price it costs to be a member, haha)!

This panel is located in the hallway where all the classrooms are, and its up to the cadets to find time to familiarize themselves with how to work the lights/sirens etc. on their own time.

These are the dorms. They kind of look like apartments from the outside, but its definitely dorm style living inside, as you can tell. There are 3-4 cadets to a tiny room, and there are 3 rooms connected with tiny little bunk beds and one bathroom with 2 showers for an entire quad of cadets to share.

The day ended with a demonstration of some of the current cadets (13 weeks in) marching in line.
I have a video of the marching demo, the 'line leader' gets to sing out the commands in a cute little tune that sounds like gibberish to the general public. I'm going to sit down with the kids tonight and show them all the pics and the slide show, and I'm sure they will be convinced that Dad is away having the time of his life at a cool new school.

I bet Tyson would beg to differ after his first day. Can't wait to hear all about it tonight!

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