Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Standing By

Its finally Wednesday (yeaayyyy!), almost Thursday (even better!!), and so far... WE'RE ALL ALIVE AND WELL!

I got to talk to Tyson at almost 10pm his first day. He said it was everything he expected it to be (long, overwhelming, exhausting, intimidating) but no worse than he dared to imagine, so Im counting it as a success!

The kids and I have been keeping busy during the days as usual... we all came down with colds the first of the week (of course!), so Dawson stayed home from school today and we watched high speed police chases on YouTube all morning long. He thought that was SOOOO cool (so did I, I'll admit it...). We scored a couple pocket size freebie CHP calendars at the orientation meeting, so the kids have been marking an X in the box each morning when they wake up to count the days until the weekend when Dad will be home for a 'visit.'

Tyson called tonight just briefly with a 'supply' list, and said again how insane the workload is. He wasn't complaining as much as I know it was his way of subtly preparing us for the new version of Daddy who always has a flash card in his hand and an icepack on his shoulder. I know he will be spending a majority of his 'family time' during the weekends studying, ironing, polishing, memorizing, starching, and studying some more, so if you don't see much of us in daylight outside of blog world these next few months, you'll know why!

One of the CHP recruiters mentioned this video before the boys left for boot camp. I think it helped for a little comic relief... I'm sure it will be even more funny down the road when it doesn't actually apply to them directly anymore.


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