Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Dreams May Come

The other night I had the worst time sleeping. This is extremely rare for me unless there is a good reason (ie: sick kids screaming bloody murder after several 'warning' cries, blaring sirens in my living room, man with chainsaw standing over me).

This particular night there wasn't really any good reason for an exception to the norm. It felt like all night I was in a 'twilight' sleep, like I was sleeping but only barely. I dreamt in this state all thru the night these crazy dreams that felt like I could reach out and touch them, because it felt like I was half awake! They seemed so real... and yet they still had 'dream like' qualities (Tyson was a bird in one of my dreams, so you get the idea...)

Anyways. It was a weird night, but what is stranger still is that I can't stop thinking about the things I saw in these dreams.

One of them was about a man I have never seen before in real life, and in my dream I had just met him and his wife or girlfriend (whoever she was) for the first time in a restaurant and I had a brief encounter with them and really liked them. The woman he was with had said goodbye to him and that she would meet up with him later (wherever they were going) and they left the building separately.

A few moments later when I left the building, the man lay dying on the sidewalk in front of his car. I will spare you the details of how that came to happen, but lets just say I realized he had been shot, and I was the only one who seemed to be willing to help. I ran to him, called 911, knelt to talk to him, and suddenly realized (not to be graphic, but my dream was REALLY GRAPHIC!) I could SEE HIS SPINE thru the hole in his neck where the bullet had hit. I was trying to tell the dispatcher on the other end of the line how urgent the emergency was and how badly he was injured so they would understand something needed to happen FAST and tell me what to do, but I kept choking on what to say because I didn't want the man to panic and realize he was dying.

Then, all of a sudden, the guy looks up at me with the kindest face and says "You don't have to be strong and pretend I'm OK, I know I'm not going to make it. I just need to be close to somebody while I'm dying,"

He stretched out his arms to me and then I understood that he wanted me to hold him, and he started to tell me what to say to his wife for him, but was already too weak.

I told him I already understood their love because I saw it in the restaurant and I had the same kind of love myself with someone else, so I was the perfect person to deliver the message, I knew just what to say to her and he didn't need to talk...." and then I woke up as he was gone.

The most profound thing about this dream that is unlike any dream I've ever had before is the man himself. I remember everything about him. Tiny details. What he was wearing, the color of his eyes, his smell even (from a dream,!?, THAT'S a new one!).

I asked Tyson... I keep wondering if such a person could really exist somewhere out there in real life. Am I crazy for wondering that? Wouldn't that be wild to run into someone on the street you'd seen in your dreams and never in real life? If it were to happen, I know for a fact I'd be keeping my mouth shut... my friends already think I'm crazy for the dreams I have. And I'd never be able to prove it...

Anyways.... it was a wild night, and it just a crazy thought. Hopefully now that I've committed the dream to blog therapy it will vaporize into the foggy mist of dreams dreamt before that is only vaguely familiar in the daylight like the rest of them.

(Please don't have me locked away... or on second thought, maybe I could use the rest!)


Steph said...

In light of other things you've told me about your dreams, this is FREAKING me out.

Maybe you watched Spider Man and imposed yourself into a twisted version of it?

Hammie Fam said...

Yea, I'm with Stephanie. Your dreams have a way of, not sure I want to say this.... coming to fruition. Kinda like the drowinging guy??? Now that you blogged it you put it in the universe. Nice job. Please don't ever dream of me. I mean that in the nicest way possible.