Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Baby Birds and the Baby Bees

I am just amazed these days at how fast my life is whizzing by (that's not meant to sound depressing.. I am mostly enjoying it!).

Theres nothing like having a child growing up before your very eyes to measure the years passing! Its unfathomable to me that Dawson... a bouncing blond haired blue eyed baby boy just moments ago, is already registered for kindergarten in the Fall! I keep justifying this reality by telling myself that I am being cheated because 'he is a young kindergartner' (he won't turn 5 like the majority of his classmates until November after school starts), but even so, school aged is school aged any way you look at it I suppose (sniff, tear).

I was painfully reminded yet again of his rapidly improving mind and body the other day in the car when he piped up from the back seat (out of NOWHERE!),

"Mom, where do babies come out of?"

I (maybe a little too promptly) responded simply "they come out of their Mommy."

"Yah, but how do they get out?"


I thought for a split second, and realized I was unprepared on the spot (could he possibly be looking for THAT explanation!? Isn't that like handing a 4 year old a loaded weapon!?)... so I simply said

"Dawson we can have a talk about that sometime."

It seemed to satisfy him momentarily, I glanced toward the back seat and saw his eyes wander out the window so I silently prayed he would be distracted by something shiny or maybe even a car accident... anything would be better than continuing the conversation here and now!

No such luck, suddenly I saw the wheels that were spinning come to a screeching halt as the light bulb of inspiration went off in his tiny little brilliant mind...

"MOM! I have an idea... Maybe you could show me on the computer how the baby gets out?!, how about that?"

Maybe I should back up a step to explain here that every time Dawson wants to understand how something works... we explain it first and then YouTube it for visual effect. It worked with simplifying the concept of Wicked Witch of the West. It worked with skydiving. It worked with police chasing the bad guys when Dad was away at school... why not how babies are born?, right? RIGHT?!

Aye, yi yi. It hasn't come up since, and its been a couple days. But I know better than to think for a second that its anything but forgotten inside his inquiring mind.

I should probably be preparing a female anatomy version of 'Baby Einsteins' right now instead of blogging this about this sacred little conversation of forecasted impending doom.

Come to think of it... maybe that's a niche that I could capitalize on! This could be the million dollar idea I've been searching for....


Steph said...

ha. well, maybe you could find a book at the library that will help you. Or, if you don't want to have the whole talk, focus on how the baby develops and show him you-tube ultra sound pics and stuff like that. if you do explain anything, just remind him that its not something that you talk to other kids about haha. if you tell him something now, it will just make it easier later right?

Beth McDermott said...

i totally dont plan on giving the "WHOLE" talk, just answer one question at a time... truth be told i actually think it might be better to tell him now, when he is young and its no big deal because thats just how it is. im not really dreading it all that much, i just wasnt expecting it... it was completely out of left field!

Rachel said...

HAHAHA! Can I send my kids your way when this comes up?? you will be a pro by then! :)

Big M said...

Oh geez. God hates you :)