Friday, March 21, 2008

D.A.R.E. to Keep Kids on Drugs

My Mom recently passed this on to me...

Hopefully you can make out the text, because I thought it made an interesting point.

I know as a parent sometimes I feel so... MEAN for lack of better terms. I joked to Stephanie today about how I used to be such a nice person and now all I do is rag on my children! I generally dont pride myself on 'ragging' but some days... it just feels like the "no hose in the house, keep your feet on the ground, stop pulling the cat's tail..." is SO non-stop and it is tempting to just throw up my hands and let the little pirate thugs dual eachother to the death without being such a constant referee.

It feels to me like the more progressive society becomes, the more relaxed parenting philosophies can get. I know a lot of it depends on the child's personality and on the dynamics of the whole family in general, but honestly I think whether your kid is a passive personality or more assertive, human nature is that we want to do things OUR way from the start. Thats where its our responsibility as parents to establish boundaries within our moral, ethical, an spiritual convictions if we like who we are and want our kids to mirror us as adults.

I know Im probably more 'old school' than a lot of other parents out there, but I will tell you... I have YET to meet respectful, well behaved, polite toddlers who's parents camp in the modern 'free will, independent thinkers' compound.

I plan on keeping my kids on drugs for as long as it takes. Ha.