Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Child Prodigy.

Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration... but last Friday was a proud proud mommy day for me.

Are you ready for this?

Dawson... WROTE his own NAME.

Oh, yes. Thats right. I was amazed too. We were out back with some neighborhood friends and one of the older kids started to write her name out on the back patio in sidewalk chalk. Without necessairily expecting a response I urged Dawson to try the same thing, and to my amazement, he shot back "Ok, Mom!" And then... he proceeded forward to effortlessly create THIS masterpiece:

I know, it may look like your typical abstract preschool art project, but he said each letter aloud as he created them, and each stroke of each letter was so focused and deliberate that I know without a doubt HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING! You can see the "D" a bit sideways in the middle, the "A" is directly above that, it looks like a triangle but with little legs at the bottom, the "W" is the zigzag of lines to the left, the "S" is cut off in the picture and the "O" is floating somewhere WAY outside the boundaries of my high-tech photography abilities... but its basically just a circle, so it was perfect. The "N" is the one on the right that looks like an "M."

I know its far from perfect, but I really almost sobbed. His dad and grandparents and I always make a concentrated effort to draw attention to his name as we color and craft with him, and recently he will find letters that make up his name on signs in the street and recognize them... "Look, Mom! 'O,' like in dawsOn!" But I had NO idea that seemingly overnight he would develop these fine motor skills that would enable him to achieve such a milestone on his very own. To my knowledge, the little genius has never even traced his name that we have written out for him.

Ok, so realistically maybe he's not going to Harvard next fall. After all, he is 3 since November and is probably right on track for his age and abilities. But this moment was just so amazing to me... and all the more a reminder that these seemingly endless days of hiding out in the bathroom to read the paper are but a blink in time.


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Steph said...

oh, yeay for dawson! he is such a smartie. and he gets so excited about his drawings. he was so happy to show me his train stop and doodles on your driveway last week although he was a little perturbed that I drove over them. oops.