Monday, April 13, 2009

Mom Bling

Dawson spent a Saturday with his Grammie about a week ago.

It just kind of happened in the spur of the moment. We were up that way, stopped to say hi, he didn't want to leave when it was time to go... and ended up staying the whole day while Tyson and I played 'only child' with Anabelle. I think it was great family therapy for all of us. Particularly Dawson, who got the luxury of being the center of his beloved Grammie's universe for a whole glorious day.

He called me twice to tell me he had a special surprise for me when he got home. I begged for him to tell me... give me a hint... just a tiny one... but he stood firm. Impressive!

The moment he walked thru the front door he proudly handed me and old perfume box covered in Christmas bows with "mom" scribbled carefully on it in cuttle little toddler boy handwriting. Inside was a piece of old twine adorned with every dead grandmother in town's prized crown jewels. His Grammy had been saving up her thrift store "finds" for the proper occasion I suppose.

He could not have been more proud of himself. I will never forget that smug little look on his face as I beamed at him with appreciation for my gift. He felt SO good about giving. It almost broke my heart that my kids are learning how good it feels to give to others because the people they have in their lives give so freely to them. It was priceless.

So priceless, in fact... that I didn't mind wearing my new bling to church the next day even tho it didn't really match my outfit.

A small price indeed for the glory of motherhood.



Steph said...

haha cute! also, that top is ADORABLE!

if you are still looking for a white peasant skirt, Ross just got a bunch in.


Beatrice Blount said... thankful it didn't have lots of fruit loops and large macaroni noodles. :)

forevermoores said...

LOL! That is classic :)

Hope you guys are doing well!!