Monday, April 20, 2009

Heat Wave

Summer suddenly struck the central coast this weekend... and it was magical.

We spent all weekend outside gardening our little hearts out while the kids played in the water (with a brief intermission for a stellar BBQ with our awesome pals Steph and Jerad on Saturday nite).

I found myself with butterflies in my stomach thinking of all the long warm summer nights ahead, watching the kids ride bikes in the street with the neighbor kids they love so much. They are no longer babies, nor toddlers, and Dawson is really not even a preschooler any more. They are officially savoring their childhood, and it is sheer bliss to watch them soaking in each and every moment.

Some days the tantrums and sleep deprivation and sheer exhaustion seem endless and the job itself is (and may always be) completely thankless at times. But these moments are the reward that make my life full of all things warm and... well, summertime.


In other news, the garden is about 70% planted. I did a lot of seeds this year, we'll see how it turns out. I'll post before pictures with progress updates along the way if the seeds actually sprout (I still can't get past how I'm super surprised to see that they actually do their job *almost* every time!).

I wish there was a way to track which grows more quickly during these next three short months, the garden or my lovelies.

Although Im afraid I already know the answer.


Steph said...

you always have such great gardens!!! I have everything planted, but my cantelope's already croaked. the dogs digging them up may or may not have had something to do with that:)I love the hot weather, my strawberry plants from last year doubled in size this weekend!

I had a ton of fun at the bbq too, can't wait for next time xoxo

selloutpopstar said...

Thank you for the fun weekend of gardening and poolage with the kids. Keep up the wonderful blogs My Love