Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Har Har Har *revised

The kids have been cracking me up lately. Both my sanity and my humor. Its hard when they start to get smarter than you, and harder to fool!

But the upside is the funny things they say and do together and separately.

Here are a few examples from recently that I should share before they poof right into thin air with the rest of my logic and reasoning.


Me: "Dawson, is Daddy still in the shower, or did he get out already?"

Dawson: "No, he's out of the shower. Well, he's still in the shower with the water off, he's just shaving the shower doors now."

(that would be squeegee-ing)


Anabelle is mostly potty trained... unless there is something way more interesting than the inconvenience of doing her business in the right place. I've started coming down on her lately. So her solution is... pee in the chones... then take them off and HIDE them from me. This is not such bad logic... until you get home from the McDonald's play yard and there are no underwear under your kid's dress. She informed me she left them inside the blue ball part of the play yard... because "I just peed in them a little. Its alright, mom. It was an accident."

So now, I am officially the source of some Mom's horror story of "the atrocious things they find in those disease infested play yards at fast food restaurants."


Then, yesterday...

Me: "ANABELLE! Where are your panties!?!? Did you potty in them?"

Anabelle: "No, Mommy. Dawson just peed in them, so I changed them."

*Forgot this one:

Tyson got me a bucket full of gardening goods for my birthday complete with every tool known to modern day gardeners, a hat, a kneeling mat, a spray nozzle, etc.

The other day I was gardening and asked Tyson if he had seen a seed packet of cilantro that strangely went missing (I never did find it, and coincidentally Ty happens to despise cilantro... but that is another blog). When I called out to him he yelled back at me "I dunno. Check in the bucket of wonders, that's where I saw them last with the other seeds..."

A day or so later, I had all the daycare kids out on a wildflower walk, and we were naming all the flowers and Dawson came upon one I didn't know the name to. When this happens... we make up a name that we think it should be called. I suggested 'dragon's snare' for this particular variety, and it seemed to jog Dawson's memory...

He looks up at me like the light bulb of inspiration went off in his little brain, and he goes "OH, MOM! Did you get your snap dragon breath out of the bucket of wonders?..."

He was of course referring to 'snap dragons' that we have planted in the yard... but added the 'breath', and as always managed to pick up on our lovely terminology for something as simple as a bucket of gardening tools.

Awe, Dawsie.


The other day I took the kids on a walk to the dollar store up the street and on the way back we came upon a half eaten and then run over banana rotting in the middle of the road. The kids all gazed at it in curiosity, when suddenly Dawson throws himself in front of it with his arms spread wide in defense as he screams at Anabelle...

"ANABELLE!! DON'T EAT THIS BANANNA! ITS YUCKY, it will GIVE YOU A TUMMY ACHE! I know you want to eat it, but YOU CAN'T DO IT! We will get you a clean one when you get home!!!!!!"

She looks at him like he is half out of his mind (he kind of was, I probably had the same look on my face!), and shrugs coolly. "I know, Daws. I'll just get one at home."

Nice to know they look out for each other, I suppose.

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Steph said...

first of all, ohmygosh hilarious!!!

secondly, WHAT is that face dawson is making? haha love it!