Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Goliath.

Dawson is super obsessed with chapel days at his preschool. He comes home singing his little heart out... "I'm in the Lord's Army... YESS SIRRR!" and "A Big, Big House... A Big, Big House.... A Big, Big House... My Fadder, Fadder's House. My Fadder, Fadder's House."

So freaking cute (never annoying at all).

His Christian preschool just started having chapel every Wednesday, and the first time he came home and re-told me the entire 3 year old version of the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den... "and God set the angel who sealed the Lion's mouth shut to protect him...

I was amazed (but not really, I mean C'MON, my kid IS a child prodigy and all...).

The week after, he came home with the tale of David and Goliath. I thought it would be fun to read it to him at bedtime out of a Children's Bible Stories book. Its an older book, and meant for an older audience, I guess...

... because at the end of the story it very matter-of-factly offers the graphic details of the actual story, and as I read it aloud I found the words "and then David chopped off the giant's head with his mighty sword" falling out of my mouth like a bad case of the trots.

Ty (who was snuggled up next to us) raises his eyebrow at me and says "nice." I tried to mumble something in code about hoping Dawson wouldn't pick up on it (ha ha, right.) when he pipes up "Hey... THATS not nice to chop off people's heads."

Oh, really?

Just what my kid (of all kids!)... needed to hear. Glad to be the one to paint that picture for him.

We went garage saling over the weekend and scored this 'David and Goliath' army man set.

Major hit.

Which brings us to the other night at the dinner table. My kids love to eat (predictably)... but on the up side, they love to eat EVERYTHING. Salad, cottage cheese, broccoli, raw carrots, hummus... they will generally eat anything that doesn't try to eat them first. This said, we don't have to bribe them or coax them or coerce them into eating their dinner generally speaking. Maybe that's why we're a little rusty on our 'c'mon Tommy, open wide for the airplane' routine...

Tyson goes "Dawson, why aren't you eating your dinner? Don't you want to grow up BIG and STRONG (ha ha, if only it were that easy..or really true at all...)?"

But none the less, I chimed in "YES! Dawson... eat your salad so you can get as BIG AS GOLIATH!!!!"

Dawson looks up, completely horrified and exhasperated.

"Mom. When I grow up... I am going to be a NICE man. NOT mean like Goliath."

Ahhh, good to know, good to know... and I could not have been more pleased to hear the news.

On days like yesterday when the little jihad terrorist in him runs rampant I will most definitely be re-reading this blog...

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Steph said...

haha what a sweetie. wait till he gets mad next time and threatens to chop off YOUR head.