Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I would actually CONSIDER lighing his pants on fire... Dawson's that is... if I thought it would teach him anything. But I dont. Not quite yet anyways...

I can NOT get the kid to tell the truth for the life of me. Who would have guessed by three years old the concept for a 'stay out of jail' strategy would already be programmed into their subconscious?

I didnt say it was a GOOD strategy. I do still know (a little bit) more than he does.

For instance, today he dumped his sippee cup of milk into another kid's macaroni and cheese at the lunch table. When I came in to ask what happened (meaning 'what on earth would posses you to do that you little freak!') he promptly and insistantly shot back that the poor girl had dumped her OWN milk into her lunch.

She wasnt drinking milk.


If this were on rare occasion or on unimportant matters, I would probably just try not to make a huge issue and draw attention to the problem to see if it would just blow over as phases often do. Unfortunately, because my children are 5 seconds apart, there is a.) always a victim, and b.)always another fully capeable suspect to pass the blambe upon. So honestly half the time I really have NO IDEA which one of them is the culprit for crimes that literally happen in the instant it takes to blink your eyes when you sneeze.

This morning, Anabelle got a time out for dumping sand in the playhouse, which she had already been warned about once. I found out after I read her rights and she paid her debt that it was, in fact, the brother.

Im going to loose my mind. These scenarios literally happen CONSTANTLY. I think if I had a few more hands, or a different job, it could almost be more possible to monitor everything. But the fact is... I'm not always going to be there to monitor, no matter WHAT my job is. They might as well learn the concept of honesty now.

Ugh, I am just so frusterated with my own kids constantly being the ones of the group I watch that act out (one imparticular), and I wish I could find a simple soloution that would take care of this phase so we can move on to the next obnoxios behavior problem to overcome, like booger eating or something.

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