Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I Love the Trots

I should probablly begin by saying sorry this is sooooo last holiday season. I've been hoarding it half done for awhile now... and just got around to posting. We're busy in these parts this time of year! Hopefully I'll catch up soon...

I LOVE Thanksgiving!!

I love the food.

I love the smells.

I love the colors.

I love the spirit of family, friends, and general thankfulness that seems to float everywhere around me.

I love the casual prelude to the arriving holiday season.

But MOST of all... (alright not MOST of all... but its up there...)

I LOVE all the turkey puns... they are FAT, they are UGLY, they are creepy and awkward and stupid and beady little beasts with shriveled gonads hanging off their nasty little faces and everything about them just that just BEGS to be mocked!

So what do you get when you add such a lovely holiday to my second favorite past time (which is running... that would be second to eating, naturally)...?


...And a perfect opportunity for yet another favorite thing of mine... slightly slanted humor and potty themed puns!

With that... I give to you ladies and gentlemen...

(My) Second Annual Templeton Turkey Trot!

(Group shot of everyone who did the runs. Giggle.)

This was quite an occasion for several reasons.

First of all... exactly ONE year ago... I had the pleasure of rekindling an old spark with my friend (and former team mate...!) Bethany!!!!

So... it was our "friendaversary!"

Bethany is SUCH a blessing to have in my life. I love when the circle of friends expands and she has gracefully become such a natural part of my life that I can't imagine how I ever lived without. I AM THANKFUL FOR BETHANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am also thankful for KARI... you all KNOW how I rave on and on about our Hammies... they are our sister tribe... I didn't set out to make this blog about all the wonderful things my friends add to my life because honestly, I don't think theres enough space on the Internet to say all there is to say... but on a superficial note... know this. The circle has gotten smaller... Kari and Bethany go to the same church, and Kari has arranged and juggled her hectic post-third-baby life around in such a way that she has now re-joined our running fad, and with that said...

...feel the point building (T.W.S.S!!!!!)...

...with our peer pressuring powers combined...

We (finally!) got Bethany to RUN a RACE... IN A PINK TUTU!

(If you know Bethany... you are now stupefied~ 'nuff said).

The SECOND reason this was a momentous occasion was... not only are we running pals... we are all official proud owners of ghetto fabulous (that's code for 'last season's model') Go Go Gadget Garmen running watches!:

Kari was the latest to join the legacy... hers came on Trotter's eve, courtesy of her adoring, assertive, doting, and wickedly SMART husband, who wisely didn't force her to wait it out til Christmas. ;) Awwww!

The THIRD reason is... well, err... this is awkward.... I know its a little braggie... sorry bout that... I'll say it fast so we can move on... I ran at my fastest pace ever, and set a new personal best. Average pace was an 8:24 mile... for 6 miles!

I'm not generally into my times like that, but there is some substantial progress there, and I feel good about it. Weee!

The FOURTH reason is.... I got to make 'trotting' jokes to my hearts content allllllllll over facebook, and to my girlfriends, and to anyone else who (foolishly) cared to mention the upcoming event beforehand... AND... I got to gobble obnoxiously all morning long which leads me to...

The FIFTH and really most substantial reason I LOVE the Templeton trots (heheheheh!!! Yep. Still funny. )...

I had a wee little co-gobblet in tow this year. There is a 1mile kids trot. And... my sweet little turkey boy happened to be old enough and have an interest in participating.

He did amazing.

And in the perfect picture of an epic finishing moment... just as I rounded the bend for the home stretch to the finish line in the 10k course, oh what to my wondering eyes should appear?! BUT these cute little turkeys gobbling toward me for their very own finish in the end of the 1mile loop... and we met up, fought the good fight, finished the race, and crossed the chalk line together hand in hand.

Yep. It was a moment. I love that kid, and I am SO proud.

And of course, I'm proud of our Kailee Bear too...who was also participating in her first race, and actually did quite well for herself with her graceful long leg advantage. Don't let the Star Wars helmet at the after party fool ya... these are some cool kids.

And last but certainly not least... my sweet husband was there to cheer us all on... take pictures... be our (my) tech support... and just generally rule the world. ONE DAY I will drag him across that finish line with me... but until then, its nice that he holds down the fort, exercises the camera, and makes me signs.

I may be way late in posting this... but I am one thankful little turkey in a tutu. And that's true all year!

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Anonymous said...

OH, I'm so happy I got to read this today! Made my day dahling. LOVE YOU TOO! I had a great time (ugh, tutu notwithstanding) and I'm just happy I can be friends with girls as nuts as I am ;)