Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Suprises

Merry Christmas to all!

This month has been a blur. We've been keeping up with all the festivities... and trying to stay sane in the midst of a WEEK of rain. Its been a test of patience... but the sunshine the last day and a half has almost melted my heart of holiday stone.

Christmas Eve was same as always...

We got all dressed up and headed to Tyson's parents house for fancy family dinner and church...

We didnt get around to Christmas cards this year... but pretend we did and pretend this was the picture on it, mmmmmmkay?

We shook all the presents before we left and tried to guess the best we could what was waiting for us...

Dawson and Anabelle scored! Surprise, surprise.

I spent Christmas Eve SICK. Sick, sick, sick. (Nope. Not pregnant). I'll spare you the details... there was not a lot of sleep involved, and Santa was a little on the distracted side of things...

But he managed to deliver none-the-less.

He even ate the cookies by some miracle (he has a really amazing helper).

Note the adorable festive Disney jammies that KJ's girlfriend Jessica scored the little darlings. Love that girl, what perfect taste for perfect children. Heh.

Also... Carly and Dave are visiting from Seattle!

We are taking in the moments we have them and planning away... more on that later.

This year Christmas is a little strange. Tyson has a new job and a new schedule, there was a LOT of family in town which is GREAT! We LOVE(d) having so many dear faces around... but there are never enough hours of daylight. And did I mention how I got sick on Christmas Eve? Talk about a party foul. The last few days have been a blur and I feel like Im not taking in the moments as fast as they are flying by.

Don't think I'm crazy... but I went for a run today, and I saw this one tree that had knobby little fur buds on the end of its stark naked branches. It gave me this strange bubble of hope... the New Year is coming, and Spring is inevitable, right? RIGHT?!?!? Im tired of being cold, and wet, and feeling sluggish and chunky. Bring on the blossoms and the chirping birds!

Anyways- Stay TUNED! I have big news to report on (I already said Im NOT pregnant)... Kyle is home! Carly is getting hitched! Spring is only a moment away (just humor me)! There is a LOT to look forward to in 2011... we are EXCITED for the new year, and feeling beyond blessed once again.


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