Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Boy Treasure

Just had to share the harvest of tonight's Dawson laundry when I went to swap his clothes from the wash to the dryer.

Here's what I scored!:

I'm sure theres a technical term for each of these items I am not familiar with, but in "laymom's terms" the contents included:

One wooden guitar pick thingy (that has no apparent function I can imagine),

One piece of some kind of coated electrical wiring (!??!?!?!),

One screw,

One even bigger screw,

One red spaceship/dreidel shaped squishy thingy I'm almost positive my Dad gave him out of his personal stash of non-mom approved toys from his super cool worker man toolbox,

A glass bead,

A woodworker's pencil,

A plastic animal cookie, made for a play kitchen (I dont share desert either, can't blame him there...),

And the grand finale....

A good sized clump of coarse black hair I can only hope (best case scenario!) came from a giant stuffed monkey he bought with his lemonade stand earnings from the neighbor's yard sale this weekend.

The things this sweet sleeping angel is capable of accomplishing in one day patrolling the neighborhood.

I have a very, very busy little boy, who I have enjoyed immensely this summer (wild ambitions, tantrums, sandy mud pies and all!)... and its hard to believe that when he wakes up tomorrow, he will be off to first grade where they fill his mind with all kinds words and colors and dreams, and rob him from his mother who loves him and misses him all day long.

But judging by his carefully selected wardrobe patiently waiting for sunrise on his bedroom floor... he's not looking back.

And I will look forward to unfolding the mysteries of his days away by checking his pockets more carefully.


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