Saturday, August 7, 2010

Leave Me Breathless

...until school starts.

But whose counting, anyways?



I have tried, TRIED, I say!, to keep them busy.

We've read books. A lot of books. Chapter books. Picture books. Educational books, old books, new books, library books, and books that I actually feel dumber after reading.

We've been for long walks, short hikes, bike rides, wagon rides, bike rides PULLING wagon rides(thanks, fun Uncle KJ!). We've been frog hunting, snake hunting, BB hunting, deer watching, and dead animal spotting.

We've picked blackberries, cherrys, apples, zucchinis and peaches.

We've made necklaces, finger painted, water colored,
strung keychains and built and painted model airplanes.

Im pretty sure my kids could bake almost any dessert I make better than I can with their eyes closed, along with a few new ones.

We have manicured, pedicured, beauty shopped, and hair dressed.

We've movie-nighted (inside AND outside!),
and (of course!) slip and slided.
We've bobbed for apples, and run thru sprinklers.
We've swimming pooled and bubble blown to our hearts content (despite the unseasonably cool LOW 80 degree weather ALL SUMMER LONG!).

We've been bike riding, face painting, garage sailing, picnicking, birthday partying.

We've been to the neighborhood park and all the city parks, to the zoo, the golf course (gentlemen only ladies forbidden, naturally),
Done vacation bible school, the drive in movie theatre and the regular movie theatre,
the children's museum (thanks, Grandma!), the beach, and of course swimming lessons.

So yah.
We've been keeping busy.
And I haven't so much been blogging.

Forgive me....

Despite all these fabulous summer happenings... any guesses on how do my kids prefer to spend their spare time during the day?
(If you guessed terrorizing each other until someone is crying or bleeding, leaving behind as many dirty fingerprints and making as much noise as possible in the process... you are likely a Mom that has spent a few summers home with her children. Extra triple heaping scoop of rubies in your heavenly crown, you beautiful creatures! come close, and whisper your secrets).


Hammie Fam said...

Wow. Guess we know who is getting mother of the year award. The rest of might as well throw away our applications. Sounds like you had fun.

Beth McDermott said...

Um... pretty sure youre still in the running, since you were were either THERE for or the inspiration behind, like, 96% of the stuff we've done... xo