Monday, February 8, 2010

Fairy Berry Eifth

The baby of our family isn't that anymore... and she could NOT be more thrilled about it.

Our darling daughter is four years old on this very day.

I sat down with her this morning to take one final snapshot of her third year, so I could remember her this exact way forever and ever in the land of blog. Because she is just SO great right now, I hate that a single day passes (especially a nasty day that adds a whole digit to her age!).

Heres what her highness had to say:

Her favorite song is Baby Mine.

Her favorite color is pink.

She wants to be a baker when she is a grown up.
Her favorite thing to do in the whole world is play with Addie.

Her favorite place to go is America.

Her favorite animal is a kitty cat.

Her favorite movie is Disney Princess sing-a-long.

Her favorite food is M&Ms (she gets that from her mother... and grandmother...)
Her favorite game is 'tickle scratch...' which she demands of her dad and I any time she thinks she can get away with it (like before bedtime, or when we're watching a movie or reading a book...)
She wants to marry Obe Wan Kenobi when she grows up. Well, her first choice was Kaeden across the street... "but he said no."


I would be so sad and lost without this lovely little jewel in my life. She is the very best parts of her mother and father, and then a whole heap of things I only wish we could be. She is pure love and joy, I absolutely ADORE every inch and every moment of her from the top of her sassy blond head to the tip of her chipped pink sparkly nail polished toes.
Happy Birthday, to the Beautiful Anabelle Lee.


Rachel said...

Happy birthday Anabelle Lee! She is a beauty, just like her Mommy!!

Elissa Parrish said...

i'm totally crying... wHAt is in the water these days???!?!?!