Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dapper Dawson Paints the Town

So I had a pretty wild night last night with the man of my dreams (and Tyson didn't even mind!).

My son took me out on the town.

A few weeks ago Tyson won tickets on the radio to a father/daughter sweetheart dance, and we thought it would be a perfect night to pair off and spend some quality time with the kids one-on-one.

I had SO much fun dressing them up, they looked even more delicious than usual, and we were all very excited.

Dawson could NOT have been more thrilled about the "real flower!" I got him to wear on his handsome shirt. He kept asking why you pin it on with an earring (the straight pin had a pearl at the end of it).

On the way there, he shared a recipe he had been thinking I ought to try: "You cut a coconut in half, and you put it in the microwave, then on top of it you add cinnamon, more shaving coconut, and rainbow sprinkles. Does that sound yummy, Mom?"

He got to choose what we did. We went to dinner of course (although I DID get to pick the restaurant... what a sweet man!),

and dined on an ice cream sundae and french fries from Good Times Cafe (yep, that's right. I ate ice cream for dinner! It ruled, im not even a little bit sorry).

We played "I Spy," colored pictures (he liked my ice cream cone drawing, then promptly one-upped me by drawing one with a triple humped scoop and THREE cherry's on top), and talked about all our favorite foods. He drooled whipped cream all over his tie and my dress, but I didn't mind one little bit. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at us (it wasnt a big place, and I heard them whispering. It was hilarious).
The 'real' part of the date that Dawson was DYING to do was go to Powell's Candy Shop. He was the most delicious thing there.

He thought these rubber chickens were SO hilarious, he is priding himself on his sense of humor more and more these days. Telling him he is funny is one of the highest compliments you can give him.

We had WAY too much fun goofing off in there, I'm SURE the employees were annoyed at how we played with all the merchandise without buying it (they weren't as romanticised as the people at the restaurant... what do THEY know, anyways!?).

And this last shot... I told him he exactly like Edward, only even more devastatingly beautiful.

We rounded out the night with a 7pm showing of the Tooth Fairy movie, which was surprisingly bearable to watch as far as little kid movies go. We feasted on our candy score (I found sugar free gummy bears AND sugar free sour worms! Just to help offset the ice cream dinner binge), and I WISH I had gotten more of them, I am sad to say they didn't last long.
When we got home, it was after 9pm. I was surprised he didn't pass out in the car on the way home, and when we got inside, he asked me to snuggle him till he fell asleep. Which I was more than happy to do, and he was dreaming peacefully in no time flat.
What a babe.


Rachel said...

Awwww, that is the cutest! When did he get so grown up!?!?

selloutpopstar said...

I glad you had an amazing night with our dapper little boy. It looked fun. xoxo Tyson

lucinda! said...